Press Release - Pre-release sales open for David Rosman's "A Christian Nation?"

A Christian Nation? An examination of Christian nation theories and proofs. by David Rosman

Paperback: 238 pages

IVC Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0615545776 
ISBN-10: 0615545777 
BISAC: Religion / Religion, Politics & State


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David Rosman and IVC Publishing are pleased to announce that David’s new book, A Christian Nation? An examination of Christian nation theories and proofs, will be released on November 15, 2011.


A Christian Nation? is more than a simple discussion of the religious affiliations and practices of our Founding Fathers. More than 130 Christian nation advocates were asked to provide their proofs that the United States was founded, either during the original colonization or the writing of the Constitution, on Judo-Christian principles.


The research sought information concerning the accuracy of the information provided, the context in which the proofs were originally written or said, how the proofs are used today proofs today, and the accuracy of the proofs.


“The book is not meant to be anti-religion or anti-Christian,” said Rosman in a recent interview on Spiritually Raw Radio. “What it is meant to do is to either verify or refute each of the claims. I conducted the due diligence most Americans do not carry out.”


The premise that the United States is a Christian nation is not new. That idea dates back to the mid-1600s with the colonization of the new world by British, French, Dutch and other European nations.  Today that belief is still held by many Christian sects and individuals, and has been alluded to by 2012 Republican primary candidates and supporters.


A Christian Nation? is a concise and well documented discussion of the Christian nation theories and proofs beginning in 1492 through 2011 and includes court cases, resolutions, letters and other documents; each investigated and discussed.


The reader will also find a number of surprises in the pages, including a short discussion of the third settlement in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Ma-re Mount. Founded after the settlement of Plymouth, Ma-re Mount was not a Puritan colony, but British Pagans.


A Christian Nation? will be offered for pre-release sale, with a 20 percent, discount through It will be available after November 15 with IVC Publishers, and


David Rosman is an award winning editor, author, commentator, and teacher. He has been Columbia College since 2005 as faculty on the Evening Campus in the field of Communication. He has been twice nominated for the Kulp-Wright Award for excellence for his writing of two professional development training programs and was awarded the 2009 Interactive Media Council’s Outstanding Achievement Award for his writing and editing two political web sites.


David is also a weekly commentator for the Columbia Missourian, his own blog site,, and is a book reviewer for He holds his Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Northern Colorado and his Bachelor of Science from St. Louis University.


To buy your copy or a gift, please go to Books.InkandVoice.Com to purchase your copy at pre-release savings.

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