In the grand scheme of the universe, and the scale of our evolutionary time line, humans are young. Extremely young. Infants, struggling to stand on our own two feet. We know almost nothing of what there is to know. We can comprehend only a smidgen of what there is to comprehend. Our minds still struggle to accept the reality of our existence, our insignificance. We must evoke magical beings to fill our understanding, rather than accept that we simply don't know yet, and in fact may never know. Concepts like this, like never being able to have an answer, don't sit well with our young minds. They make us uncomfortable. They make us reach for a way to understand, no matter what it is.


We are the first intelligent life to have evolved on this small rotating rock. We have only needed to understand things within our grasp. Medium sized objects moving at slow speeds. But now, our technology has opened the universe up for us. We know of things far faster, far grander, and far smaller than what we have previously needed to understand. Our minds are not yet ready to comprehend these things. So we stick with what we know. We keep our faith in ideas that we are able to understand. Evidence is irrelevant. We can only understand what our young minds allow. Our brains, although extremely complex, are the first such brains capable of this level of thought. It has taken a long time to get here, by our perspective, but a short time in reality. We have a long way to go.


Many generations from now, we will more readily accept reality for what it is. We will no longer fill gaps in our knowledge with anything we can, just because there is a gap. In this time I can foresee, there will be no religion. There will be no need for it. Our minds will be mature. We will have evolved the capacity to understand things out of our reach. Religion, superstition, and magic will be a distant memory. Lost in history. Laughed at, mocked, ridiculed.


Until that time, there is nothing we can do. The truth is simply not compatible with our primitive minds.

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