Project: Discourse for saying what it means we evolved

I plan to use this personal blog space to solicit feedback on a personal project. I want to develop a way of talking about evolution that's different from darwinism. Having a second way of talking about being evolved would be like, in the 19th century, having both waves and particles as ways of thinking about light. You needed both then. In a similar way I think today we need more than one way of thinking about evolution.

I ask for your indulgence. First, I ask you not to defend darwinism as if I'm challenging it. Second, I ask you not to criticize my way of talking for not being scientific. It's not science, it's more of a story. I am not writing for scientists, but for atheists with a more humanities-orientation, who are more used to accepting ideas in the form of stories. I'm trying to come up with a story I can turn into a set of new terms in terms of which to talk about we ourselves having evolved. A story like that may help us come up with ideas we otherwise wouldn't have thought of. And third, I ask you not to accuse me of being a creationist.

Because this is my personal blog on this site, anyone who won't indulge me in these three ways I may block from the blog.

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