Proper atheist or agnostic mindsets are good for your psychological health.

~I'm pretty much at peace now. But when I was a faithful kid, trying to ponder the nature of God drove me crazy. I thought the answers had been given to me already. But when I tried to find explanations, I experienced the worst kind of psychological stress. I thought, how could God and His world be perfect, when everything appeared so imperfect? And why would a compassionate God have placed us sentient beings on our little planet surrounded by an immense and chaotic abyss of dead space? I thought, how is it that we carry on in existence once our neurons have died?
~The idea of God is not, as some atheists would have it, a simple idea. Sure, there are the ignorant proselytizers who believe in the personal "sky daddy" of the Testaments: the petty, white-bearded serial-killer who we're supposed to believe is "infinite in his wisdom". Perhaps if you have such puerile beliefs, then you do have a certain kind of mental security.
~But most theists I know are much more moderate. They have sophisticated worldviews. They know, for instance, that every self-respecting person believes in evolution. I think they bear close resemblance to many agnostics, in that they quickly find themselves stressing over the nature of existence.
~I think that many moderate theists and agnostics spend a lot of mental energy trying to reconcile a naturalistic worldview with a theistic one. They stretch their imaginations and their logic to the point that it is not healthy. They search North and South, and especially East, where the religions seem more naturalistic in nature. They may find something, but I, of course, have my doubts. Good luck guys! Hope it turns out to be worth it!
~"Live The Question," goes the old saying. But I'm not so sure. The Question, I am sure, has taken many years off my life.
~Atheists do not bother with The Question, because they do not believe that The Answer - for the purposes of humanity - even exists. Rather, they believe that humanity has invented, and will continue to invent, its own answers (lower case a). The answers are found in universal human ethics, peace, love, science, fun, etc. Atheists believe we must find these answers ourselves, and that there is no God to help us.
~As an agnostic, I envy the secure nonbelief of the Atheists. It seems to me that their worldview leads to a peace of mind. It's also a worldview that clears their heads perhaps, and helps them to lead rich, purpose-driven (and hopefully moral) lives. They are living the answers, not bothering about the big Question, or the big Answer.
~Agnostics, we don't claim to know for sure if the Answer exists or not. But why should we care? Let's shove the Question, God, and hopes for an afterlife into the back of our heads as much as we can. Not only do they get in the way, but they are just not good for our health.
Let's join the atheists in living the answers.

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