protest against A program in support of rebirth

HERE IS A MESSEGE FROM THE “SCIENCE AND RATIONALIST’S ASSOCIATION OF INDIA”. As a secretary I am sending it to all my atheist friends.

We find in this 21st century, a national TV channel tagging the suffix ‘imagine’ frequently presenting utter non-science in the name of imagination—ghost stories and made up stories of ‘miracles’. But the current one about previous life and its revelation through hypnotism takes the cake.

Let us come to the social point of view. To make people believe in previous life and re-incarnation is not only nonsensical, it is damaging. The idea was made up by rulers and priests to control the less fortunate. To make people feel guilty for the possible sins committed in their previous life is the dirtiest of tricks played by our ancient forefathers. The poorest of the poor born in so called “low caste” had no other option but to remain “low caste”. They could only dream of a better future in their next life by being timid, docile and utterly un-ambitious in this life. So, two-thirds of the poverty stricken masses of India never revolted.

Our memory, our dreams and aspirations dwell in our brain cells. With death our brains too are destroyed – burnt or decomposed in the grave. So scientifically, no memories or thoughts can survive after death, except through our writings, work etc.

Life is beautiful, precious and full of possibilities. Modern man with global exposure has learnt it now. So any attempt towards regression even in the name of entertainment is criminal.

We strongly condemn the TV show “Raaz pichley janam ka 2” (A program in support of rebirth) as unscientific and damaging for the viewers. We call on all the viewers who think like us, to protest by signing this appeal.

This is not the first time we are protesting against this program. “Raaz pichle janam ka” which was started on November,2009 and was discontinued from December, 2009 after our protest,petition file & finally A Open Challenge form our GS Prabir Ghosh. At that time NDTV imagine refused to face the challenge and stopped the telicast of the program. again we are demanding that this type of program should immediately stop or otherwise it should be declared as a Drama or Serial.

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The Science & Rationalists Association of India

& Humanists’ Association


Challenge to NDTV Imagine Program

For the last three decades The Rationalists Association has challenged all claims to the paranormal and occult powers. Each and every claim confirming reincarnation has been investigated into. In all the cases there were frauds and/or misunderstandings. There was also gross ignorance about human psychology added to unscrupulous media hype. The truth was revealed in all the instances in books and magazines (collected in a volume by Prabir Ghosh: Aloukik noy Loukik, Part 4).

We challenge the revelations connected to ‘previous life’ as shown in the program “Raaz Pichhle Janam ka 2”, and demand immediate discontinuation of the show.

Prabir Ghosh

General Secretary, Science & Rationalist Association of India

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Comment by R K Sudan on February 27, 2011 at 8:01am

Pathetic and condemnable is telecasting of this unreasonable show. Thats for cheap and dirty publicity.

Also signing the petition.

Comment by Ajita Kamal on December 8, 2010 at 2:51am
Comment by Donnie Ashok on December 8, 2010 at 1:48am
I've signed. And I strongly condemn such shows which are indifferent to human reasoning. Just for the sake of TRP we can't go back to the dark ages.



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