I've been anticipating this for awhile now. It seems that the Pesident plans to keep his promises, but this is one promise we can't afford to let him keep, not without a fight. We need compassion not religion to help the needy. We recieved the following email from the FFRF earlier today. :

We Need Your Help! Protest Faith-based Offices!

Dear FFRF Member:
The White House needs to hears an immediate outcry over last week's announcement that Bush's faith-based initiative will continue as before (and even be broadened), under the new guise of the White House Council of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. The Administration further announced the appointment of a young Pentecostal minister to run the White House faith-based office. While Bush's creation of the "faith-based initiative" was met by a firestorm when first announced, scarcely a whimper has met the current administration's dismaying action. The public soon becomes indifferent to long-lasting violations of the separation between religion and government.
Those of us who support the separation of church & state know that a "faith-based" office should never have been set up in the White House or in federal agencies. Government should run on reality and facts, not faith! The United States needs to return to the pre-Bush practice of requiring religious groups to set up secular arms, take down their religious symbols, and keep separate books, before letting them apply for or administer publicly-funded social services. Where public money goes, public accountability should follow.
Last summer, candidate Obama vowed he would not as president permit federal grants to go to faith-based groups that discriminate based on religion in hiring and firing. Now the White House is saying each funding situation will be decided on a "case by case" basis by the Attorney General's Office. What a mess! Public money should not be used to discriminate.
(See links to information & arguments against the expansion of the faith-based initiative, at end).

White House Comment Line: 202/456-1111.

Please also express your dismay over this continuing and unnecessary entanglement of church & state in a letter to the editor, online news forums, etc! Make a fuss! Freedom depends on freethinkers!
Thank you for your help.


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Comment by Creature on February 10, 2009 at 1:53pm
Yeah but they can discriminate based on religion, as I see it it's just a way to funnel tax money into churches and to give more opportunities to the religious.
Comment by Adam Johnson on February 10, 2009 at 12:06pm
Although I do not agree with the faith-based offices it does have one positive affect. It forces religious groups and churches to do charitable work. They are given federal money that can only be used on charity work. Other than that it is a total ruse.

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