Proving that god hates Brasilians

The Formula 1 season has not yet over but the world champion of 2009 is already known: Jenson Button. As the year before, the decision happened during the Brasilian GP in Interlagos and like last year, an Englishman finished just in 5th position to score enough points to ensure the title against a Brasilian.

Admittedly, last year it was a lot closer: Massa (a devout catholic, who steps into a prayer booth to pray before every single race) lost in the very last race in one of the last turns against the even younger English driver Hamilton. This year there is another race ahead and this year there was also a third racer hoping for the title, german.

Now, I like to imagine religions and gods a bit like in the game franchise Populous from 1989. Gods have to help their populations grow by leveling earth, placing cities, spawning wonders and heroes while at the same time destroying the other god's populations with "natural" catastrophies, such as lightning, flood, firestorms, plagues and also sending your people to war.
The more people you had, the more they prayed to you and the more "mana" points you received. With that mana you could help your people and destroy the oponent's humans.

Brasil has approximately 190 Million people, of which about 90% are Christians. Add the 75% theistic Italians, which has about 60 Million inhabitants of which the very most are fanatical Ferrari fans, brings us to 216 Million believers.
Even if just 10% of those prayed, that is still over 20'000'000 prayers! There's no way that the heathen English drivers in their heathen English cars with heathen German engines can muster up anything close to those numbers!

And it's not like god needed to do anything drastic in that race! They were all driving in the rain and Hamilton was overtaking Timo Glock during the last lap. It should have easily been possible for an almight deity to place a puddle in the curve or influence the overtakee enough to cause a crash. But no, it did not happen.

So I conclude: if there a (christian) god then prayers do not work. q.e.d.

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Comment by Ronin on October 22, 2009 at 1:24am
God must have liked Senna because he took him back pretty quickly. He must hate Hobbs because he's still around with that heathen Matchet on SPEED.
BTW is there a group for Motor Racing fans?
Comment by Rusty Gunn. on October 21, 2009 at 9:00pm
Sure makes sense to me!



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