SO i have to get a few things off my chest real quick before i freak oon some very close friends. First of all i got into a religious debate because of the fact that my friend said that if i dont bel…

SO i have to get a few things off my chest real quick before i freak oon some very close friends. First of all i got into a religious debate because of the fact that my friend said that if i dont believe im going to hell. SO of course i caller her on that and said so if i dont believe then im going to hell. and she replied with a simple and quick yup. ithen she fallowed it with but thats your choice , either you can be saved and believe and spend an eternity in heaven or be stupid and deny faith and burn in hell.

Me: well why if gods so mercifull and just would he send me to hell

her: he dosent send you its your choice to go or not

Me: ok i choose not to go

Her: then your going to get saved?

Me: OH HELL NO! u said i had a choice and i choose not to go to hell

Her: it dosent work that way, either you believe or your going to hell

Me: then thats not a choice he would be sending me to hell!

her: he dosent send anyone they choose to go! are you listening or do you just not get it?

(THAT made me a little mad so i got a little more informative..)

Me: WELL if you say god created all then he created hell, and someone had to make the rules for hell in which you claim he made all the rules.. SO he made the rule that i will go to hell if i dont believe in him.. which is very close to black mail as we call it these days..

Her: you dont make sense

Me: well ill put it this way if i put a gun to your ead and say im going to shoot you if you dont give me your money... SO either you can give me your money(faith) and be fine live your life OR you can MAKE ME shoot you. in that instance you chose for me to shoot you so its not my fault.

Her: like i said i dont think you get it

Me: thats is exactly what gods doing!!! how can you seriously think what your saying  is right?


that was the end of a 115 text argument lol which ended VERY close to that last line.. SO whos right? was i a little to bitter towards her, because i thought i gave her enough leway.. but then again if you have the guts to claim something you better have the guts to back it up and argue it.




So im at the dollar store and i see a little old black lady, hair kinda matted, shoes rough and coat extreamly old, walk into the store and began to walk around grabbing things as putting things back that she needed more than the others. like soap shampoo ect.. so the lady goes to check out and keeps asking ok NOW how much is it.. ok now how much is it. the woman behind the counter said 21.07 and the lady began to take a jug of water out of the shallow cart.. and then fallowed with i need to go see if i can find 7 cents in my car ill be right back.. SO seeing this i said oh ma'am i have a quarter that u can have. and she lit up like i had just given her a car. and seeing that i got in my wallet and handed the lady a 20 dollar bill and said that i was going to pay for her things. it took a seccond for the woman to actualy figure out why i was paying the cashier, but then she broke out into oh praise you god bless you god bless you...a dn usualy i wont let that slide but sadly some people who aere out in the cold and not publically trying to rule this place need a little help when there alone. I went into the work the next day and told a lady i work with about my good dead, becauswe she once said atheists were immoral. and she responded with a VERy ENTHUSIASTIC... SEEE SEEEE i told you god exists where do you think the good came from that he implanted in your heart! see thats proof that god exists!!.. by this time not only was i mad that she just took away my god dead and accredited god with it but then made it seam that an ATHEIST would never do something of that sort on their own without guidence. i couldent even respond to what she said.. with a blank stare i said.. and thats why i hate religion... and walked away hahaha



and sorry about the crayy spelling and story telling i was just flustered and had to put it to paper

-thanks for reading

comments are welcome

-Jason :)

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Comment by Jason L Fish on December 19, 2010 at 1:27pm

Sorry about the grammar and spelling, in my next blog i gave it a little spell check session, and thanks to everyone for the comments, they were very helpful and its nice to have people who have you back.

thanks again


Comment by Thomas True on December 19, 2010 at 9:26am

I would suggest, when you have time, correct the spelling and grammar. I know I am very bad with both so I am not making fun or anything but as you know the better something is written the easier it is to read.

As far as the lady you helped, I have done likewise and when the "praises" start to flow. As they always do I say, No need to thank God I did it myself just to help out someone in need. I have been helped in the past when needed. I am an atheist and when you have a chance help someone else done the road.


If however, the person was to insist it was God I would ask for my money or help back. I see no reason for them to pervert my goodwill with their dogma.

Comment by 1311 on December 19, 2010 at 8:20am
You did the right thing Jason in paying for the woman's things. And you have a right to be pissed off over such stupidity! So us Atheists can't be nice? Us Atheists don't have a heart? Wow, last time I checked it's the theists who don't have a heart, who are always belittling and condescending others who don't prescribe to their faith. I bet you that others in the store were theists...did they once stopped to help this poor woman? I'm sure the cashier was a theist...where was her heart? Why didn't she just tell the poor woman "Don't worry about it? I'll take care of it."

And then an Atheist comes along and does the right thing? That just shows you that religion is a crock pot of shit. And your friend you were texting to is an idiot. She says the same thing over and over again "You just don't get it" because she can't think of anything reasonable to say. She obviously have not read the bible.

Good job on your blog.
Comment by Frankie Dapper on December 18, 2010 at 11:43pm

I understand your frustration. I encourage you to open your gal pal's eyes. Just as you pointed out when you contemplate god like you would contemplate any person you can only conclude that he is a tyrant. She says faith leads to salvation-without it damnation. That means the mass of man is condemned to damnation. Most are not born into her cult. Many have no contact with western civilization and therefore no exposure to her cult. So by her logic the majority of mankind is doomed at birth. There's a nice fellow.

Furthermore you can point out how peoples who act in response to faith are suicide bombers, flagellants, crusaders, inquisitors, etc. That is reality.

As for your coworker who interpreted your act of kindness as evidence of God spit in her eye. If her god is responsible for good he has to take credit for all that is bad. So he is responsible for the most monstrous evil-say the holocaust and the most trifling bad act-spitting into her nauseating face.

Here is mud in your eye.

Comment by Jason L Fish on December 18, 2010 at 11:41pm

it makes me want to cry when its like you show them a red card and u say... its red and they say wow your not very smart i have faith its yellow. the fact that they can actually whole heartedly think im the stupid one and laugh at me over religious crap just kills me hahaha



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