Public Education in the United States of America

It's a crazy conspiracy theory that education is deliberately stifled in the U.S. right? Wrong. First and foremost, I was never taught critical thinking skills in District 186 in Springfield, Illinois. I was never even taught that there was such a think as "critical thinking" until I went to college.

So, what purpose is served by deliberately limiting or suppressing knowlege?

A primary law of economy states that a product's value is inverse to it's available quantity. In other words, the more you have of a product, the cheaper it's value.

In accounting, labor is an expense. Since labor is people, people who are employees are held by business owners and managers as costs which should be reduced by any means possible while still being able to accomplish the goals of the business.

Since all businesses cannot reduce the cost of labor by eliminating the workforce entirely, all businesses collectively seek to reduce the value of the workforce, by generating a surplus of workers.

Through the control of public education curriculum, businesses managed to create a surplus of labor skilled in basic trades such as construction, health care, law enforcement, and many other skills that are dependent upon money, rather than independent survival skills such as subsistence farming, fishing, hunting, or starting a business.

It is not in the best interest of existing businesses to allow for the creation of competition. It is in the best interest of businesses to create a surplus of dependent workers who compete with each other by sacrificing wages and benefits, thereby reducing the value of labor.

Since democratic government is run by politicians who are supported in their campaigns primarily by businesses, politicians are beholden to businesses for their basic survival needs. Observe the obvious positions of employment rewarded to former politicians, and the obvious positions of government rewarded to business persons who have the finances to make themselves known to enough gullible voters, to get themselves elected.

Businesses, through proxy of government, dictate public education curriculum. Observe the behaviors of the Texas Board of Education and its selection of textbooks as the most glaring example of dumbing down public education.

Religious persons are set apart as the most desirable of employees for their limited skills, dependency, rejection of critical thinking, and their devotion to concentrated hierarchical leadership.

Politicians consistently appeal to the religious and mass media promotes religion and vilifies independent critical thinkers in western culture.

The economy in the United States is dominated by employees with limited skills who are in a surplus that is unsustainable, because they only have enough funds to supply themselves with food, transportation and shelter, because they agreed to work for less and less pay.

The only businesses that remain will be farmers, grocers, landlords, transportation and energy producers. Nobody here in the U.S. can afford anything else except clothing, and fashion is a luxury extinct as well.

So, if you are a young student going to public school, save your self by rejecting the idea of getting a good job, and instead concentrate on starting your own business.

Do not allow yourself to be distracted by entertainment that is not educational.

Only be interested in your own mental and physical fitness, do not be distracted by sports of which you do not participate.

Ignore any history lesson that reinforces racism by teaching about the history of race relations. Human beings are human beings, nothing more, nothing less. Everyone is equal.

No matter how benign the communication, any message that creates groups of people based on physical traits is counter-productive and designed to divide and conquer not only the individuals who are the subject of the message, but you too, by creating the impression that certain people belong in certain groups.

If you are religious. Shun religion. You don't need it. There is no such thing as a soul that can be punished or rewarded in an afterlife. Free your mind and embrace science and survival skills.

In the next election, use the write-in option and vote for "No Confidence" because politics is a fraud run by businesses.

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