(See, because it sounds like it's something to do with golf, but it's actually about someone called Putt trying to win money... Yeah, so I suck at titles.)

Well, it's disappointing, but shouldn't be surprising. It's taken less than three weeks for Patricia Putt, the psychic failure of a recent paranormal challenge organised by the JREF, to turn up in the comments thread on Richard Wiseman's blog, and revert to every tired, illogical, self-justifying cliché that we always hear from woo-mongers when their complete lack of magical ability is exposed. (Wiseman was one of the people who administered the test, and reported at the time that Ms Putt was perfectly pleasant, "a joy to work with", and took the negative result in good stride.)

A few people have already responded to her comments in that thread, including Wiseman himself, and also Chris French, who was also involved in organising and carrying out the test, but I've summarised my only slightly belated thoughts over at Cubik's Rube.

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