Putting up with those crazy Mormon relatives over Thanksgiving.

While my Thanks Giving was uneventful I will let you in on the highlights.

The prayer before the meal, a timeless tradition or torture in disguise? All the while my husband's father is saying the thanksgiving prayer my stomach is burning from fasting all morning cause I want to gorge myself on that oh so yummy food. Why should I stand for it? I NEVER bow my head, and looking around the room this year I noticed others not doing the same as well. This made me happy on the inside because all of those who were not bowing were young people, the children of the crazy Mormons.

Later in the day during the meal the older patriarchs of the family were discussing their crazy religion. From what I picked up there are prophets and apostles in the Mormon community that were, or are still alive, within the past two decades. They seemed to be focusing on one of their prophets who spoke in tongues, in tongues... really? This is the twenty first century who speaks in tongues anymore and doesn't come off as a lunatic?

What gets me is that these men, and their wives, who were listening and commenting on every word, are intelligent people that own businesses and do very well for themselves. How can they honestly believe in the Joseph Smith story, the guy who thought Eden was in Independence Missouri, and translated god's words from a hat? Ugh, its ridiculous.

I guess I'm just thankful I didn't marry into an even more crazy version of Mormonism, you know the ones who practice polygamy. And I'm super thankful my husband is agnostic. :)

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Comment by AletheaT on December 2, 2009 at 5:16am
thanks Richard, those guys are really funny and they discuss a lot of the subjects I'm interested in.
Comment by Richard Healy on November 28, 2009 at 7:19pm
You might get a kick out of these guys: ex-mormon-pair-now-atheist podcast.




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