I recently went to see Prof. Myers speak in Calgary. It was quite interesting I think. There was the requisite YEC passing out misleading papers with "questions" that "Prove" that the universe is less than 10,000 years old. There was one young man who seemed to have taken some offence at Prof. Myers' treatment of religion, he stormed out at the beginning of the question period rather than voice is concerns in a rasonable matter.

These are some of the major points that I took away from the event:

- Religious institutions are actively trying to dammage science education in North America, through any means they can get away with.
- Secular organizations that support good science education are not prepared for what will happen on the off chance that one of the attacks on intelligence succeeds.
- We should not hesitate to ridicule theism, but we should be careful not to persecute the theists themselves.

Pretty simple I think.

I should mention that those points are not a summary of what PZ was saying, but a synthesis of Prof. Myers, the gentleman from the Calgary CFI and the points raised in the question segment.

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