I was put into charge. Quack, qvack, qvack. I am bored and alone reigning supreme over the lifeless cosmos. Quack, qvack, qvack. Hmmmm. How about a little diversion? That's the ticket. Planet earth is as good as any.

How am I to know what my creator intended? Whence derive a sense of right and wrong? No impetus is apparent to me. Who am I to consult? I shall do as I please. The cosmos is my canvas and I shall play; plant the seeds of life and observe its evolution-spread the juice and see what shakes loose.

My impetus for this word babble is the poor performance of Hitchens against Craig. Craig says morality has an objective basis in christianity. Without a deity there is no objective guidance and the consequences of atheism are left to the imagination. Sadly Hitchens is unable to counter this tripe.

I say the convenient label "objective" is laughable. Tried to illustrate that above. In addition there is the old reliable quip in that the theist rejects 999 and the atheist 1000 superstitions. Accident of birth and environment determines the adherent's "objective""choice"of superstition. Did the adherent happen to stumble upon objective morality?

Also consider how religion uses fear and reward, the stick and the carrot, to compel compliance. Morality involves ratiocination and judgment, a choice, not blind obediance to ideology. Personal stake in outcome is not central to morality as it is in belief.

Isn't it curious how the morality of theism is hierarchical and supportive of the elites? And there is a concomitant disparagement against those who are not in the coterie of acceptable persons or engaged in acceptable behavior.  Almost like it was designed to advance the interests of the elite. Well what would any reasonable person expect in an omnibenevolent deity?


Empathy and reason is the guide, not superstition enforced by indoctrination inuring to the benefit of the few. The codes promulgated by the ideologies of politics and religion are the antithesis of morality. Promotion of the christian agenda is the dead end of morality.



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Comment by Frankie Dapper on January 11, 2013 at 3:54pm

Hello Steph and thank you for saying so.

Tom I think The Mysterious Stranger by Twain was influential in my story.

I ascribe bad performance by Hitch to three factors. He did not give issue of morality as objectively springing from God sufficient thought nor did he think about evolution, reason and empathy as basis of morality. His style of debate did not play well against Craig. Dont believe cancer had progressed at the point of debate.

You are of course correct that undermining veracity of christianity undermines claim of objectivity. I am no expert but I know that the precursors of christianity were in other cultures especially with respect to creation myths.

One of the greatest and long lasting frauds is the one equating morality and religion. Atheists ought not suffer the theists' boast of exclusive access to morality. If anything the indoctrination of religion and its pointed agenda makes morality impossible except as an accident of doctrine. Free judgment is negated by religion. Put not your trust in princes, priests and ideologues.

Comment by tom sarbeck on January 11, 2013 at 12:50am

Glen, I like your opening.

I'm reading Mark Twain's stories on religion; with your opening he would have written another memorable story.

As for Hitchens' inability counter Craig's tripe, [that] without a deity there is no objective guidance and the consequences of atheism are left to the imagination.

I didn't read, or even know of, the Hitchens-Craig debate.

Am I naive to ask:

1. Why Hitchens did not point out similarities between the OT and the centuries-older Hammurabi Code?

2. Why Hitchens did not challenge Craig's "objective guidance" claim?

Had Hitchens' cancer progressed so far that he should not have debated?



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