The video, Islam - the True Message of God, poses questions for other religious points of view.  The questions for Atheists are:

  • Who created you?
  • Who made you from nothing?
  • Why are you created?
  • So, you are born then you die and become forgotten, do you like to live in such a state?

The video also makes the statement, “Every human has to believe in some power to return to regarding the method of his life and look to up in the case of fear and upon death.”

The questions are nonsensical from an Atheist point of view. There is no who nor why, there simply is. I may not like some of the ways that the universe functions, but it is irrelevant to the universe and the laws of nature what my emotional state is. The power that I believe in is energy, which as far as I know will some day dissipate in the heat death of the universe. I have the humility to say I don’t know where it came from and the hope that science may find answers, even if not in my lifetime.


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