Today, my friend Sonia posted a link on the avertisements(I suck at spelling this word, must look it up) and how they affect women. They stated that 70 percent of the women who looked at the fashion pictures in mags of women in various postitions like laying on the ground..on their knees...eating a corn dog(kidding on the last one) within three minutes felt guilty,shameful, and depressed.


And I guess in some way I'm part of the 70 and 30. I see the women there and want to be just as "sexy" as them. And it also reminds me I need to start my diet(lol). Also, I usually want to get what they are hawking, not because it's going to turn me into a 20 year old girl from france with fantastic boobs, but because it's pretty/cute. But it would be awesome if it could.

I really didn't see the postions as demeaning until they threw a guy in(you know, naked woman..clothed guy) or had them pulling an ophelia for a freaking pair of shoes. I guess the thing they are hinting at is that the women are show in postions where they look sexually available, like a common whore(which sucks) and not in positions of power or what have you. Personally, I like the dove photos(real women are hot..well at least to me) and this german one I saw..or was it swedish where the woman was wearing a suit and she had some guy who was stark naked moving furniture. I never laughed so hard in my life at that.


I know that makes me sound awful, being totally okay with a guy being sexually objectified in photo but not a woman. I'm guessing it's the fact that it was a novel thing that caught my eye. But I think if it was tweaked a little bit, it would have been awesome. Anyway, back to what I was wanting to say:


The fashion world needs to realize that there is a thin line between "sexy" and "omgwtfbbq I'm just a with me what you will." They have smart folks out there, so they can spin it any way they can.

But honestly, it makes me a hypocrite because I'm such a fan of the pin-up girl(actually wanting to do a bit of that type of modeling myself). I'm starting to think this is all a little bit more complex that folks make it out to be....


Because on one hand, I'm all for a woman looking sexy in a photo. But I am also for the position not to look forced, demeaning, or too "insane" like blackface(but that's a different story..).


But yet I'd be considered an awful person because I think that if a woman dresses "sexy", it's not a big deal if it was to catch attention. But I also think that there is no problem with a woman being in sex work either(if it was regulated).

But I guess my idea of sexy is totally different from the mainstream. For me, I feel sexy after a shower(complete with loofa). hair washing, and wearing either my pink ruffle shirt(it isn't THAT goofy looking) or my orange tea dress. Make up is included(love that stuff) but I only put enough on to highlight either my eyes or my mouth. Sadly, it is also when I wear makeup I actually look my age...(I still get carded..:(). If I'm staying in, a soft cotton sleep pant and white tee shirt make me feel just as sexy(and comfy I might add).I don't mind dressing up "for my guy" because he thinks along the same lines as I do(sexy is in attitude not so much very revealing clothing). And yes, I even wear "unmentionables" that he likes. Because I like it too, and it isn't one sided "baby wear this really tight and annoying top because your boobs look awesome in it".


And I guess that's the thing. If a woman has to do something she doesn't want to to catch the attention of a man(or a group of men)maybe she should just walk away and do something that's beneficial for her. Because forcing something out of you that just isn't "there" hurts you.

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