-Warning: Nothing smart to say, just updating for my friends-

It is finally winter break and I have Brent (my partner) all to myself.
He has had tons of Xmas concerts (all secular) to conduct for the past 2 weeks and our time has been limited. We also swore off MySpace and the like (Yes, the Nexus) for AN ENTIRE WEEK along with TELEVISION (except for Sanctuary, Chase and Estate of Panic! - best shows) in order to stimulate creativity. We played games and baked and wrestled. :D

Yea, I'm an odd guy with odd ideas sometimes when I'm manic (no meds! hehe), but it keeps our relationship interesting. Brent loves it most of the time. Hehe.

Yes, we have not made much improvement. The blame is on me. I just haven't put the time into gaying the place up. This will change during the winter break and I will (hopefully) have "before and after" photos up sometime in January...at least some. Yes, a new year already! Joy.

For my gamer friends, I moved to a new server on WoW -Proudmoore- (PvE) and it is a LGBT guild.
Unfortunately for me, it is also Horde and I only have a level 50ish Belf Rogue that I am having transferred over. This will be a fun experience for me and I look forward to eventually raiding with the 2k+ members! This is what I've been searching for over the years. I have never had a guild since I cannot deal with the homophobia and name calling that ruins the game for me. Now, I'm in an environment that thinks it's cute when I blow a kiss to my boyfriend. Happiness.

My writing has been slow. I had a flow of incredible ideas one evening, but I've been a little dry since then. I'm under no time limit. I have spoken to myself and we have decided that I am writing a fictional story as a hobby and nothing more...unless it turns out to be totally wicked. ;)
Hell, I clean and play games so I might as well write something!

I send a hug to all of you and I hope that your breaks (or non-breaks) are going swell.
Merry Xmas or Anti-Xmas.
I'm around.

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