Rapper Charlie Check'm Is The Atheist Ted Haggard!


The A.R.M. have told
Charlie Check'm that he is out of The ARM and that we will no longer be funding or organising his UK tour due to a rule three breach. Rule Three in The ARM states that: "Members must not promote monotheism, sexism, homophobia, racism (although disliking cultural ideologies is acceptable), or promote cruelty to children or animals."

Evidence has come to light that, despite the fact Charlie was going to take the hospitality of my partner and I (we are an engaged gay female couple) by staying in our home while our organisation funded and organised his UK tour, he is the most homophobic son of a bitch since Ted Haggard. Thus we have even been asking doth protest to much perhaps? He has written a number of MySpace blogs spreading misinformation about homosexuality, comparing it to incest and bestiality, and labelling it a biological defect. He even tried to manipulate scientific literature to show that homosexuality is biologically defective when the said scientific literature he deployed stated that homosexuals may possess biological 'differences' in the brain. However at no point did this literature claim to be the last word on the issue (as real science does not) and nor did it call these differences 'defective' because ofcourse it made no such emotive value judgement. Why is it that people are always made out to be different and inferior rather than different but equal? Just as we have seen Nazis use biological race theories to subjugate other races and mysogynists use biological sex theories to oppress woman, we see Check'm attempt to manipulate the same techniques against those with a different sexual preference. However clearly Check'm has put his own emotive spin on this science because his view of homosexuality as a biological defect was not supported in any of the scientific literature he attempted to manipulate. This is about his own bigoted hatred not atheism, science or reason. Thus a large atheist group called Atheist Nexushave washed their hands of the so called 'atheist rapper' and we along with them urge you to boycott his music because he is using the guise of atheism to spread his own subjective intolerance. The very sweet
Kristy Vensson from Atheist Nexus wrote an article exposing Check'm for what he is here. There is another article here regarding Charlie Chuck'him.

He has accused us,and
Atheist Nexus, of putting our gay agenda over our atheist agenda but our agenda is primarily against religious injustice, and all forms of injustice in fact. We are about fighting towards a tolerant, free, and secular society but Charlie clearly missed this because he was too busy making demands about his tour. However atheism has no correlation with homophobia, so do not be hoodwinked by Check'm's misleading diatribes about the relationship between gay bashing and atheist 'truth.' Most atheists and anti-theists are very open minded and are intelligent enough to recognise that much homophobia and sexism within our culture stems from religious foundations. Thus it seems like Charlie has renounced theism, but not some of the harmful ideas that have been perpetrated by it. He has taken the name of our movement A.R.M. out of his song 'Rise of the Atheists' and we are very pleased about this for two reasons. Firstly because we are about to announce a name change (watch this space) and secondly because we do not want to be associated with irrational hate mongers like Check'm. Perhaps if we were throwing someone out of our group for using race theories to call black people genetically defective then he would see the logic in what we were doing. Charlie is merely trying to abuse science to hang rainbow coloured 'niggers' from branches. I should mention it was a straight black male in our organisation, Baphomet, that pointed this out and we do have an anti-homophobic agenda and an anti-racist agenda because we are against all forms of injustice and intolerance and that is why we are pushing hard for a secular and rational society without sanctified hatred. This is something we pride ourselves on and that is why we are not ashamed to have people of all races and sexual preferences in our movement. Charlie says our song should be 'Rise of the Homos' which is a wonderful example of his intellect. Perhaps such a name would be non-inclusive with regards to out straight members Charlie. :P

Anyway if you are a friend or supporter of Charlie then we urge you to delete him and boycott his music because he is bastardizing atheism and using it to spread fundamentalist stylee hatred. Please take the time to check out the article about him over at Atheist Nexus and don't be discouraged from emailing him to tell him that you won't be buying his music. You could also check out our member
Lilith's ongoing bulletin debate with him because she is wiping the floor with his closeted gay ass. He also currently has a blog up about the dangers of anal sex and homosexuality which is just laughable. Clearly he's single because he's not very adventurous in the bedroom as I know plenty of straight couples who share back bottom love. lol

Stay Godless!

~President of The A.R.M.~

"Fighting with words instead of weapons."
(The ARM)

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Comment by Little Name Atheist on August 7, 2009 at 10:44am
Heh. Well, I was making errors in spieling, gramma, puncturation, and then was thinking of something else I wanted to add.

Good to meet you, Ms. OCD. Let me introduce myself. I'm Ms. ADD. Hope you're feeling better.
Comment by AK47 on August 7, 2009 at 8:28am
Meabh you are free to comment as much as you please. Go for number four I say. lol
Thanks for letting me know about the broken links. I was on pain medication when I wrote that so I was a little out my face to be honest. I have two hours of tutoring and then I will fix the links too because due to having OCD I hate making mistakes even more than the 'normal' people. Thanks all of you for the heads up. I may need editing until I'm off these meds ;)
"Dyke Chicks" is just awful and completely inaccurate with regards to most gay females I know.
Comment by AK47 on August 7, 2009 at 8:20am
Oops the anti-gay agenda was definitely a mistake. lol
Comment by Little Name Atheist on August 7, 2009 at 7:41am
Oops, number three... sorry.
Comment by Little Name Atheist on August 7, 2009 at 12:47am
Good on ya!

Interesting how so much more is coming out about this. I saw his page when you were number one on his friend's list, and then watched him change his MySpace blog post, delete your comment, etc... Had you heard his song "Dyke Chicks"? Yee-ikes.

Oh, and you might want to change that to "we have a pro-gay agenda. I'm getting some broken links (like for ARM), but it could be my browser.

Three's a charm. Sorry for deleting the other two posts, but I didn't want to end up cluttering up your comments with tecnical errors on my part.
Comment by AK47 on August 6, 2009 at 10:26pm
Thanks Trina. I'm so thankful I found out what he was like before I had that bigot in my house. It's obviously okay for him to stay with a gay female couple if they are funding his tour and saving him hotel bills. The hypocrisy of that man is nauseating.
Comment by Trina Hoaks on August 6, 2009 at 10:04pm
Kudos to you and ARM!!



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