Reading book reviews of The God Virus

I still haven't read Dawkins. I'm getting most my information from posts, comments, my personal experiences, and my Communication education. Most of the ideas I come up with fall in line with Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins and others, but I certainly don't mean to plagiarize anyone's work, and I would hate to put a huge effort into a book only to discover that I re-invented the wheel.


I guess I'll just have to start forking over the cash for a whole library of atheist publishing.


If you want to publish on your own, you can do it literally for free at They make their money on the sales.


If you published an atheist book, send me the link by commenting here, or send me a message.



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Comment by Stanley Post on January 18, 2011 at 10:55am

Check out the "reviews" at Amazon for Dawkins book; "The God Delusion".

There are now 1,650 comments.

Most of these comments are from the usual fundie trolls who have not, and never will, actually read the book (my our glowing review can be seen, but I DID read the book!).


Just reading the comments alone is quite an experience.

Similar fundie troll blasting can be enjoyed from other "new atheist" books from Harris and Hitchens as well, but Dawkins book takes the Amazon prize for the most comments (or "reviews", which most of them certainly are NOT!) of any single book currently on the market.


I got my own review in early, when the book first when on sale, so it's buried pretty deep in there to find it.

I know Dr. Dawkins has read it, because he made a short mention to it in one of his videos on his website.


I think this is a good thing.

The fundie trolls are actually helping to promote the book!!

It reminds me of when Godard made his film "Hail Mary", an obscure art house French film.

The Pope publicly decounced it. Suddenly there were lines blocks long to see the film, were most movie goers would not be the slightest bit interested (in the US that is).

Godard was quoted as saying; "The Pope is my press agent" LOL!!




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