One day I realized just why religious people, or that fraction of “Believers” hate atheists, is that they are literally scared of us.

They are simply afraid that their beliefs will be shown to be false.

And with that, the made up afterlife will not be there for them.

There is no great beyond.

There isn’t a “higher order” or that they are the “Chosen” of the all mighty.

Their lives are, at least in their eyes, limited, or pointless.

Instead of looking at life as something to be enjoyed, they look upon it as drudgery.

How sad.

To live your life hoping that when you die, it will all be better, and in a better place.

Seems to me they’d be happier believing in the Wheel of Life.

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Comment by Gerald Payne on August 5, 2015 at 9:48pm

Life on earth can  never reasonably hope to compete with supernatural realms, but these places ''somewhere over the rainbow'' are dream-worlds, just romantic ideas, good for entertainment maybe, but little else. Nobody I know, who's in their right mind, has ever witnessed anything other than the laws of nature at work. The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, plants and animals live and die, we ourselves will live and die like all before us. We really have no right to imagine anything different. Wish-thinking is nothing more than a sedative

Comment by Michael Penn on August 5, 2015 at 5:54pm

And why would your world views need defending? There is either evidence for your views, Nick, or there is not. Atheists do not have their views shown to be false. The burden of proof is upon the ones claiming there is a god. We atheists find no evidence for god. Show me evidence.

Bertold, your trolling remarks are well taken.

Comment by nick connor on August 5, 2015 at 4:20pm

I would be much more afraid to have my beliefs shown to be false if I were an atheist...maybe that is why you created an online forum where you can try to punch holes in worldviews without allowing any adherents of those worldviews to defend them?

Comment by David Maxwell on May 31, 2014 at 9:27am

I also agree with Sam Harris’s assessment of the religionists view of death. Death can be one of the most scary fact’s of existence that people can contemplate. It’s also (in my opinion) one of the most artificial obstacles as well, for men oftentimes feel that it’s important to give life “meaning” but not give the same the same level of importance to death. That’s why I’ve long felt that God is mankind’s earliest attempt at creating “artificial need’s”, for (as the false ideology goes) “God” want’s us us to believe that men have these thing’s called “soul’s” and that these “soul’s” can live on beyond the death of the body. If you live according to what this “God” want’s you’ll be rewarded with something great or you’ll be allowed to come back to Earth again.

I call it an artificial obstacle because the religionist lives a life that is described by their religious leader (which is not always described in their scripture), as such the faithful never realize their genuine potential as a human and slough off such concerns for “the next life”. I.e. “I’ll do a better job in the next life”, or “I’ll be a better person in the next life”, or “I won’t make those mistakes in the next life”, like death affords the individual a form of retrospect that they can act upon and improve themselves.

Also, have you ever noticed how often Catholic’s seem to link the idea that Atheist’s simply don’t possess a soul?

Comment by Michael Penn on May 30, 2014 at 4:51pm

I do agree that religionists are afraid of atheists. There fear and hatred might actually be addressed in a different way. Sam Harris said it best when he said "they are afraid of death."

There is nowhere else for a religionist to go, and you are knocking the props out from under them. What do I do if there is no heaven and I die? Damn those atheists! How dare they do this!

Comment by Loren Miller on May 30, 2014 at 6:12am

Exactly so. We upset their applecart. We make a lie of Psalms 14 how we live and conduct ourselves, and our lives (as I pointed out in a recent letter to the editor) are likely little better or worse than theirs are for our lack of belief. The world continues to behave as though there is no god, a fact which they may apprehend at some level or other ... and yeah, some of them are liable to find that a bothersome datum.

And with luck, maybe it will make them think a bit.



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