Reason #1 for joining your local atheist group - It's for the children

It's probably just puberty.

Something happens to just about everyone some time between the ages of 9 and 14. The religion in which they're raised starts to look a little silly. Maybe the weight of accumulated life experience just gives the poor kid enough perspective that it becomes obvious that it's only the wishful thinking of his or her parents that is supporting their belief system.


Maybe not.
I'm thinking it's really just puberty.
Think about it. Nothing - - NOTHING - - is more important than passing your genes on to the next generation. And when puberty strikes, no matter where you've been for the past 10 or 12 years, your brain is going to try to position itself to #1 get laid today and #2 get laid tomorrow. That's it. That's all that matters. Their survival skills are booting up for the first time and they're ready for a serious dose of reality.

So naturally, this is the demographic that we should reach. And nothing could be easier. They're already questioning their upbringing and they're very willing to listen to reason. What we have makes perfect sense. We just need to play down the part about getting laid.

Where do they go? When they begin to doubt the faith of the fathers, they will first go online to learn what is real and then they'll create a profile or two so they can reach out for support. But if there is a local group of atheists, the young disbeliever will possibly have the gumption to start a high school atheist club.

We need to be there to embolden them, to give them support, to help them to make their groups successful. They'll need ideas on what books to read, what films to watch, what speakers to invite to their schools.
They need us.

If there is no group that they can turn to for help and advice, what will they do? They'll simply repent and re-dedicate themselves to their faith.

Do you really want THAT on your conscience?

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Comment by john savacini on March 30, 2009 at 7:09pm
i was lied to all my life......i use to believe in him..i still have tattoos of many crosses on my body......but i now believe he does not exist.......we as a people god will allow his children to suffer.....i was framed for something i did not do...YES!..he does not exist.....!!...we will go to the ground when its all aver..thwere is nothing after..nothing at all!....



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