Okay, before I go asleep, I'm just going to post something real quick. In my class last week, Audio/video, we began our third project, in which we must make a biz/service commerical. Now, the way this works is, we are team into a group of 4, each given a role, so far I been camera man and editor. Well this project I'm talent (would of been director this project, but that project was dropped and I can't do my zombie interview *sadness*). The point to this post is that the director, which is charge of the project; script, location, what to cover. Is a full blown, I'm a save you Christian, which isn't bad, if he didn't do stuff over religion for every project. He brought up the idea for this project, which would of involve us to travel to a church and do a thing over a man being save by "God" and entering even to try and promote the church. I looked at him and plain and said "You know my religious views on things...I have none. I rather keep it out of this project and stick to something else, especially since im the talent this project." He got angry, but agree, and storm off, i just walked back over to the computer and continuing, not caring. Well unfortunately, he decided to tell everyone there that i was a self hating satanist, that bash his religion, I try to explain to people I'm not, I'm an atheist, I didn't saying anything about his religion and I just don't care for the idea. They all didn't listen and took up for him, we still not doing the project, but people are hating me because of a lie he told everyone, just to get their support.

Is it wrong for me to want to slice his throat open and bash him in the head for it? Gah, this is why i hate working with people in groups, never know who you going to offend due to some honest and truthful statement...especially about religion. Well peace.

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