Everything has a beginning and inevitably has an end. Whatever we let our imagination run back millions and millions of years, it is inevitably there is a beginning of the formation of anything. If there is no beginning of anything, that means, that thing is not exist, or it is unavailable or it is illusion. That speech corresponds or fits (God). When was he formed or created? And where? Before the creation! If there is no time or place of his formation or creation, that means he is not exist. Logically there is nothing without a beginning at least. The conception of no beginning and endless is impossible, non-logic, irrational, against reason and nature.
Religious people or clergy whatever they are Jews, Christians, or Muslims, and the religions themselves say that God is the creator of this universe without mentioning date or time or place, it is a random process . If he is the creator of the universe! Where was he sitting or standing or located at the moment of creating the universe, and before the creation? Was he sitting somewhere else far of or out of the universe at the moment of the creation? Where? And by whom the other place was created in which God was sitting at the moment of the creation of the universe? That means there is another universe was not created by God!! So the universe is not one, but how!? It is impossible! The universe is only one.
Holly religious books such as Qur’an etc. say that God created the whole universe within 6 days. Days only come as a result of the movement or the rotation or the circulation of the contents of the universe! But without that movement of the matter of the universe, there is no time and since there is no time, therefore there are no days, in this case, where from did God bring days “the time used for the creation”. That means there was another universe created not by God in which he was sitting in, at the period of creating the universe, however, that is impossible as the universe is only one. That gives us an indication that the whole story is a lie and production of human being’s brain aiming at controlling and governing people(s), thus exploiting them and enslaving them.

The end of God
According to the religions and their books that God neither ends nor dies! Reason says that everything has an end whatever it remains! If God lives an endless life, does not he feel boring? Does not he heat his life and this endless stay? No sleep, no food, no wife, no women, no drink, no pleasure, no enjoyment, no mingling with others, no children, no other Gods to coexist with, no social life ,no sentimental life, only alone, only own by own. What is that? It is a permanent loneliness. Is that normal? Is that possible? Is that rational? Can any being live such life? Especially he is a God. Everything is in his hand, and can get and do whatever he wishes. Why does he choose that harsh and barren life!? Poor and miserable Good! (abnormality, mental illness)
He urges and orders his created beings to worship him ,mention him, and think about him all the time, otherwise beings that neither worship him, nor think about him, or mention him all the time, will be in Hell! Ok. What does he get of people’s worship? Does he need that worship? Does that worshiping increase his universe and creation? Or that means he is a DICTATORE, barbarian, brutal, unjust, tyrant, uncivilized, and savage. He tastes and likes enslaving people, torturing them, gets them suffer, and denies all their wishes & desires. He only keeps them for his worship! What is that? Is he still a teenager didn’t reach the phase of maturity? Or he is mentally ill and abnormal? Why did he create people? Did he create them only to torture them! Claiming of examining their patience and sincerity or testing their loyalty and fidelity to him, and to see who will obey him and who will not do. To him, those who accept his torture, humiliation ,suffering, oppression ,degradation ,privation ,and contempt in their earthly life; are obedient and have accepted his heavenly will (DECTATORSHIO) ,as a result they will be rewarded living in Paradise for ever in the life-after (after death), while those who don’t accept his torture humiliation ,suffering, oppression ,degradation ,privation ,and contempt during their earthly life ; they don’t accept his heavenly will (DECTATORSHIO), they are disobedient, thus they will be rewarded living in Hell (fire & burning) for ever after death in the life-after. What is the point, or the use, or the aim of such acts and doings? Is it not playfulness!? Is it not abnormality? Are such insane and playful acts and doings issue by a rational, sane and normal God? Or such acts and doings issue by a playful, insane, abnormal, and irrational God. Does such an insane, irrational, immature, and playful God deserves all those sacrifices, holiness, devotion, worship, dedicating the whole life worshiping him, thinking about him, sacrificing for him and speculating on his false greatness.

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