Eh -- I've had a couple of glasses of Shiraz. I feel like sharing my thoughts.

I call this "Room For Thought"

That I don't believe in gods is well established. I do leave room for error, of course, as we can never be quite sure that we have a firm grip on what is 'real'. I do know one thing for certain. Even if there are gods, I will refuse to submit.

I know we atheists blame religion for many acts of oppression, war, genocide and other worldly ills. We also blame unyielding ideologies and religion-like philosophies. All of these accusations, in many cases, are not misplaced.

But none of the leaders of these movements have done their work alone.

It was those who submitted to them. It was the people who, out of delusions of superiority, feelings of righteousness or (more forgivable) states of pure fear, did as they were told because they were told.

Not all ideologies and philosophies are bad for human-kind, but we can't discern that if we simply submit to them.

We need to be alert to attempts at menticide, coercion, and taking-it-too-far-ism.

I have decided not to submit. I will weigh. I will decide. I will make grave errors. I will not submit.

Submission does not create horrific ideas, it works with them.

Submission is Atrocity's help meet.

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Comment by Clarence Dember on April 14, 2009 at 1:43am
So, you won't shrink from judgement of the efficacy of paradigm. That's rational. Have I paraphrased accurately?



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