so with  in the past month i have had a good friend stop talking to me and we severed ties. went  up and down with drinking like some booze soaked roller coaster bin cyber stalked and moved to a new place. change is part of who we are. the very bases of life is to move forward(progress). my tolerance for dumb shit has gone down  which is good in my view and some sort of inner  power has bin unearthed with in me. i have seen asshole atheists know it alls and Christians who drone on about psycho babble and i have learned that no one has it right as a atheist im to take the side of  a fellow free thinker or sceptic just because we are on the same "team"  which  i give a resounding fuck no to. there are sociopaths   who use being a atheist as a excuse to be cold and callus calling children( it)  thinking love is something for the weak these people these nut jobs are calling them selves atheists, even sationests  are saying there bat shit crazey religion is a  "evolved" form of being a atheist.  this is just a  collection  of my thoughts in the last two weeks or so. sometimes clarity comes to you in the strangest of ways and in the oddest of hours --peace love and madness  --Azel

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