Redesign Block Feature On Social Media

I would like to propose that the block feature be redesigned. If someone clicks on the block feature when trying to block someone on a public page, they need to go to a form that will collect relevant information and screen shots that will ONLY be seen by an elected committee of peers (Or hired social scientists with degrees) who will decide if the block is the right thing to do and implement the block for that person if it IS the right thing to do. I think the block feature as it is today should be abolished in public groups/spaces on social media, not closed groups or an individual's page. When in the public arena, free speech is protected by law, but I would like it to extend to the private arena which these social medias are considered, or reclassify social media as a public forum. To continue the way it is today, it promotes the spread of the divisions of Tribal behaviors so much so that I see in the near future that even the public arena Free Speech will become a crime. Do you agree that Tribalism is running rampant on facebook, mewe, and minds? Do you agree that it could lead to the division of society so much so that nobody will listen to anybody? Do you agree that before social media, congress and society listened to both sides and compromised? Do you agree that Tribalism is teaching people how NOT to compromise? Do you agree that social media is to blame for our college kids asking authority to protect them from offensive ideas? Do you agree that nobody should be protected from offensive ideas unless it is an outright attack? What other ways can we fight Tribalism in social media?

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Comment by Joan Denoo on May 9, 2018 at 5:25am

Cane, I had no idea the blocking process was so complicated or that it involved others. I thought if I want to block someone, it is my decision, I don't wish to contact a particular person, and no one else needs to be involved. 

You write, "nobody should be protected from offensive ideas," and I agree that one person should not be able or required to block others from reading or hearing offensive ideas. Each person has a right and obligation to choose associates; I have a right to block someone who dominates, controls, or those who with helpless personalities, or who discriminates because of race or religion. 

It is like questioning whether the dying senator McCabe has a right to block Trump from attending McCabe's funeral. The decision can not be made by conventional or etiquette factors. If he does not want Trump there, the other Senators, the public, and the media have no say in the matter. Indeed, Trump doesn't have a say. Friends can step up and prevent the intrusion of an unwelcome and unwanted individual at such an event. 

I am not one for a protocol. I was an army dependent for twenty years and hated it. I had privileges because I was an officer's wife and I had to obey the distinctions of who I could have as friends. Grrrr! Those I disliked the most were the ones assigned as appropriate for me. I did not perform well. 



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