As an atheist I spent some years reading philosophy to gain an understanding of the secular foundations of ethics, and reached an understanding that satisfied me. (for those interested, see ). Then I heard a Christian declare that the Absolute Truth about ethics was the teachings of Jesus. So I asked "What DOES Jesus teach about ethics?" I went through the four Gospels and collected everything Jesus is reported to have said about what his followers should DO. I found that there actually IS an underlying logic to it. The Jesus of the first three ("synoptic") gospels believed that the world was ending soon, certainly within the lifetime of those hearing him speak, Judgment Day was coming when everyone would be sorted into the saved and the damned, and sent to Heaven or a fiery Hell respectively. Very few would be saved; almost everyone would be going to Hell. He told his followers to take drastic measures to rack up as much credit as they could in the limited time remaining, and AFTER they had done all that he commanded, they should count themselves as unworthy servants and hope that Yahveh would be gracious. Jesus commanded his followers to follow the entire Law of Moses down to the last Iota (punctuation mark), except for the dietary laws. He told them to sell everything they owned and distribute the money to the poor, to practice strict nonviolent pacifism, to abstain from all sin even in their thoughts, even to the point of self-castration to avoid thoughts of lust, which were spiritually equivalent to adultery. He told them not to judge others, that was not their job, Judgment Day was coming soon enough, focus on purifying their own character, doing good works, and spreading the news.

The fourth gospel, of "John", was written more than 70 years after the time of Jesus, and it is starkly different from the others. His warnings of Judgment Day, and his instructions of what to do to prepare for it, have all been deleted. There is no mention of Hell, no mention of helping the poor, no mention of following the Law. According to "John", one can be saved by "believing in Jesus" and taking Communion. Modern Christianity has chosen to ignore Matthew, Mark, and Luke and place all their faith in John.

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Comment by Michael Penn on May 25, 2014 at 11:43am

The gospel of John was written in stages and was most likely all complete by 100 AD. (100CE) The fact that the "Jesus message" has changed in this book as compared to the 3 other gospels has to do with early christians believing Jesus would return in their lifetimes and the "end" was eminent. Hence, we have an early apologetic view of things that allows the christian myth to continue.

None of the gospels were likely to have been written by "eye witnesses" and certainly not by the people whos names appear on them. Matthew, Mark, and Luke were probably complete and in circulation by 90 CE but some say earlier.

Why the big thing here with the "timing" of these books? The christian wants to put them all at 70 CE or less, thinking this will give the stories more credibility. Assume for a moment that they were right, and you (a witness to miraculous events) are just now writing your story 50 years after these events happened. Did it take that long to figure out he wasn't coming back in your lifetime? Give us a break here, please. I can barely remember things from 50 years ago. Some events stand out and some do not. Certainly I cannot remember intricate details, and yet the christian world wants you to believe that the gospel writers could.

This is complete insanity!

I've said this before and will now say it again. Matthew 4:8 and Luke 4:5 state of Jesus, "and then the devil took him into a high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world." The first question is how is this possible? The second question is how did the writer know this? Was the reality TV crew right there filming it, or did Jesus reveal it, or maybe the devil told them? Take your pick. Maybe the writer followed along behind them.

Belief in the bible is complete insanity!



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