The news of the man who was trampled at Wal Mart surprisingly DIDN'T surprise me. I currently work retail and everyday I see the same mentality prevalent. People cutting each other off, pushing, shoving, just to get somewhere a second faster or maybe get a 'deal'. I thought we were better than monkeys now, but there are monkeys who still wouldn't trample an elder to death over a banana. lol

Or in the parking lot, I may be pushing in a line of say 7-8 carts, and a lady who looks all stressed and overhurried jumps in front of me, only half looking or not looking at me, right as I'm about to push them into the corral. Instead of waiting one miniscule millisecond for me to finish and then grabbing one of those, she feels she must rush to jump in front of a fairly fast moving load to grab a cart because she cannot spare that millisecond. Lucky for her I stop, because my 'little devil' tells me to run her over.

I see people act like this all day and it starts to rub off on me. Maybe I'm too pessimistic. lol. *shrugs*

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Comment by River Otter on December 3, 2008 at 9:18pm
Personally, I dispise shopping. When I do my grocery shopping I try to get it overwith as quickly as possible. I park my shopping cart out of the way in a low traffic area except to get dog food or something heavy. I run the rest of the isles with out it. I can carry 2 isles worth of stuff and don't have to wait for some jerk off to get there cart parked in the middle of the isle out of the way. I am able to dodge it.

This makes life easier for me and the jerk off. It is also faster.

I also try to never go to any store during high traffic times. People irritate me. I can understand why folks that work in a store get frustrated. A lot of consumers lack common sence & desency.



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