First let me just say I'm playing Devil's Advocate for the sake of inspiring thought:

But I don't understand why striking out the moment of silence in schools is so offensive to some atheists. I actually appreciate taking a moment of silence to reflect the passing of a co-worker/friend/family member without prayer.

And although the idea of prayer is ridiculous to me, I can't see how the mention of the word would hurt.

I understand that some families have gotten to their kids early and have not given their kids the tools to distinguish a moment of silence versus actually praying, but... c'mon. Court decisions that attack a basic concept like a small moment of not speaking so that we can remember someone who has died is only going to make us look bad.

I'm just saying...

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Comment by greyfoot on January 28, 2009 at 1:35am
OK, with the exception of M. Connor Sullivan, I think the point is being missed here. It's quite obvious that the "moment of silence" is intended to placate to religious people. To deny this is just capitulation. Religion and prayer are deeply private things. A public school is not a private place. Our children are REQUIRED to attend if they aren't home or private schooled. Religious people have their churches and/or their homes in which to pray as they please. A place that my tax dollars go into is not an appropriate place for the government to endorse any religion at all...but then, there IS no appropriate place for a democracy to endorse one.
Comment by Timothy on January 27, 2009 at 8:30am
I think the beef with the clip is the way the commentator was protraying non-believers. i too enjoy the silence. and i am not opposed to the use of silent meditation as a form of mind training. people need a chance to iron out their cognitive or emotional kinks if it's causing them or others harm. it's not asking a god or saviour to save you from yourself, it's you doing the mental work to save yourself from yourself...
Comment by Marc Draco on January 27, 2009 at 4:17am
Depends on how it's "sold". If the moment of silence is offered as a time of reflection for those passed, it's OK; if it's offered as a time to pray for those who feel the need then it's also OK. However, I'd object if it's a time to pray exclusively. It's in the definition, but I'd agree we have to be careful what we push for in case these things backfire.



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