Rekers exposed - another crusader for morality goes down

While there’s no dearth of people in all walks of life who end up disappointing those who look up to them, it does seem that extremist Christian Crusaders win the Public Fall from Grace Award with extraordinary frequency.

This time it’s Family Research Council cofounder and avowed anti-gay activist George Alan Rekers who happens to be … uh… gay. Make that actively, carelessly, desperately, enthusiastically gay. This is the man who was paid over $60,000 to testify in a case designed to prohibit gays from adopting children.

This time the gay male associate, “Lucien” – whose real name is being hidden as his
family doesn’t – or didn’t – know he is gay, is being called a “travel assistant” – hired after Rekers’ saw nude photos of him on the website, where apparently he appeared sufficiently able to handle Rekers bags. By the way, Rentboy isn't a travel
assistant website, it's a place for men to hire men for sex, and there's nothing modest about it. I suggest a visit to the "must be 18 or older to enter" website for an idea of exactly what Mr. Rekers found impressive. claimed he couldn’t carry his luggage himself, but was captured on film being the one of the couple who was managing the suitcases, while his young ‘assistant’ stood idly by waiting for an elevator.

After no one bought that line, Rekers then claimed he’d hired the male prostitute to teach him about Jesus Christ. It's certainly possible that the words “Jesus Christ” were uttered, but I’m not sure who converted whom in this one.

In necessary seriousness, I firmly believe any person’s sexuality is a private matter.


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