just because someone is muslim dont mean they will bomb the place..just because someoen is an athiest doesnt make them a bad person..i am sick and tired of people being judged because of what they choose to believe in or choose not to believe in. every person deserves to believe what they choose and if that is the bible and god well good for them. i choose to be non-religious, some may call it an athiest whatever. i hate being bible bashed and having someones beliefs thrown at me, i dont like the total disrespect that people have when they try to drown you in their religious babble...i dont remember asking to be preached to. i grew up religious and made to go to church and bible groups..i choose to be non-religious now maby because i was never given a choice and told i had to go.i now choose for myself and dont preach my opinions unless asked ot challenged to do so. i am no different a person whether i believe in god ro not. i believe in evolution and the dinosaurs etc, i believe we share thsi world with other life forms, eg:aliens...i believe in chance, fate and destiny, i believe i am a genuine person with genuine feelings and emotions and i believe i should be allowed to think freely and not be restricted by religion...hate me or not at least i am true to myself and not living a lie to make people/family happy...its kind of like a gay person coming out of the closet....they will be treated differently for doing so...so i do to make some good friends here and have some interesting convesations and share some views etc..have a great day everyone.

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Comment by jackie browne on September 25, 2011 at 2:11am

yeah i suppose i am..i hate religion, i hate people telling me that i should believe cause the rapture is coming etc and i hate it when people say my children shoudl be christened because they will go to hell otherwise..what a load of utter crap.........my children will have a choice unlike i did...and i am proud of that decision


Comment by R K Sudan on September 20, 2011 at 8:32pm
A very good honest and sober assertion.



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