A controversial figure, Professor Richard Lynn,Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Ulster University, stirred controversy when he said that the intellectual elite such as scientists in different fields were more likely to be atheists, and implied that religious people have lower IQs than non-religious intellectuals.
There are other studies that have been done in the same area, and all came to the same conclusion. People who rely more on intuition (gut feeling) than on reason suppress their logical mind. It is still there, but buried under perhaps decades of conditioning by parents, Christian peers, Christian school teachers, aunts and uncles, perhaps siblings. So it is buried so deep in the mind's past that we automatically disregard it as lies of Satan, and have long since come to rely on intuition and magical thinking.
Scientists are more and more saying that if, as Christians and Muslims claim, God intervenes within the physical universe, because it occurs in the physical universe, it would leave a measurable, and thus empirical evidence of some higher being or power. To this date no effects have been measured and observed that couldn't be explained in a purely natural way without recourse to God.
It is well known that atoms, those particles that occupy no space and can't even be seen except by the very  most powerful electron microscopes leave trails and patterns. In the same manner it seems that any intervention by some God within the confines of the universe would similarly leave observable, measurable traces that would defy the purely physical laws observed by science. And a case for the existence of a God would be strengthened if such supposed suspensions of the laws of physics happened on a more than merely rare basis.
Christians, Muslims, and orthodox Jews have a fundamental misunderstanding of the laws of physics and evolution by natural selection

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Comment by Paul B. Claeyssens on April 8, 2013 at 5:38am

I don't believe that "Gut Feeling" is exclusively highly developed among the uneducated.  In fact, I think an educated person, who is also a free thinker, will have an even higher developed and more sharpened "Gut Feeling".  The label may be more eloquent "Intuition" or "ESP".  In the same way that you described an uneducated person as having been "Conditioned" by authorities in family and religious leaders, an educated person can likewise have their subconscious powers "Buried" under "Conditioning" by authorities in their "Secular" education.  Exposure to a greater range of original ideas can hone intuition and "Magical thinking" that springs from the incredibly powerful unconscious mind.  Yes, this honing can occur IF one preserves one's independence of thought and a healthy skepticism.  We have seen.. I have seen highly educated individuals who are so thoroughly indoctrinated and bound in the ideas of others who are "Experts" or otherwise authorities in their field, that they have few original ideas or positions of their own.  Perhaps a better perspective would be to say that dogma, whether within or without exposure to formal "Education" confines the mind and limits development of the higher functions, including an amazing, uncanny intuition.  The concept of the "Renaissance Man" perhaps expresses the ideal of leaving behind dogmatic ideas and freely exploring BOTH in realm of Human Nature and in Physical Nature.   However, there is no escaping the Human Nature proclivity for ego, power, and control over others by the promotion of a limited set of ideas to the exclusion of others.  This manipulation occurs not just in the experience of the "Uneducated", but also in every field of study by the power of political and religious intolerance.  Pure science in the study of Human Nature, or in the study of  physical nature, is rarely performed devoid of self-interested perversion by Human Nature itself.  The politics of science can be as severe as the politics of religion.  You pointed out that science in Physical Nature produces verifiable truth.  The science of Human Nature can also provide verifiable truth, and that is what you are looking for here.  One of those verifiable truths in Human Nature is that we seem to have a need to believe in a superior intelligence, whether it be deity or the laws of physical nature.  Yet, when it comes to "Gut Feelings" or "Intuition", that higher power is WITHIN US, and I would describe it as our own unconscious mind that is powerful beyond comprehension.  If God is the superior intelligence we all seek to know, then each one of us can know god by feeling and growing our subconscious mind.  Orgainized utopian social structures tend to pull us away from independent thinking to conformity.

Comment by Luara on April 5, 2013 at 6:23pm

In my opinion there is no alien life outside the confines of the universe to have created the universe.

It would make an interesting science-fiction story.  Suppose .... there were a germ of truth in the theistic idea, and there really was a being outside the universe, and people had shadowy perceptions of it sometimes - in their mind's eye. 

So then this perceived entity would start getting more real somehow.  Every believer's dream, right? 

Only - and here would be the drama - it would turn out that the aspects of religiosity that are personally directed at the believer, where the sensed presence is watching out for them, loves them and hates their enemies, etc., were delusional - that the theists had been covering up this otherwise very threatening perception with delusions that the mysterious perceived entity is on their side, will make them happy after they die. 

So what is this mysterious entity, actually?  To be continued :) 

Comment by Luara on April 5, 2013 at 6:05pm

Anyway, the main thing I was saying, which I think is an interesting point, is that scientific methods as normally practiced don't work to test God's existence - because those methods assume you're working with something that isn't trying to manipulate the outcome.   Nature can be investigated and probed, and it isn't trying to manipulate you back. 

People might want to affect the outcome of an experiment, but experimenters can defend against that by various blinding methods.

But according to most concepts of God, God couldn't be deceived or blinded. 

Comment by Anthony Jordan on April 5, 2013 at 12:42pm

Also, let me make clear that I do not outright deny the existence of a multiverse. If one universe rose spontaneously there is no reason why others couldn't similarly arise. Plus the fact that it might explain anthropic coincidences. I'm just saying I don't buy it completely.

Comment by Anthony Jordan on April 5, 2013 at 12:25pm

In my opinion there is no alien life outside the confines of the universe to have created the universe. All life exists within the universe and all are subject to the same laws of physics, though advanced aliens may have learned news ways to utilize them. I cannot accept on faith the existence of multiple universes. I will only believe that idea when it is empirically proven.

Comment by Anthony Jordan on April 5, 2013 at 12:19pm

I have often thought that the god of the Bible is like a mean little brat plucking the wings off of flies and burning ants with a magnifying glass. If there, by chance, is a God, and he/she is demonic in nature, then we're all screwed.

Comment by Luara on April 5, 2013 at 12:06pm

If this universe were created by super-intelligent aliens doing a science experiment, they might not want the experimental subjects - us - to verify their existence.  This might mess up their experiment.  Sort of like a quantum system evolves differently if it's interacting with its environment vs not interacting. 

Comment by Luara on April 5, 2013 at 11:45am

ps Also none of this excludes a devilish God :)

Comment by Luara on April 5, 2013 at 11:42am

Why would god want to remain hidden unless he definitely wants the vast majority of people to be damned ?

Good question.  I dunno.  I can't play the role of theist apologist - just that none of this rules out such a God. 

Comment by Anthony Jordan on April 5, 2013 at 9:28am

Why would god want to remain hidden unless he definitely wants the vast majority of people to be damned ? Does that explain his wanting to be sneaky ? What does God have to fear ? He's all powerful. Does all his power reside in unfounded, blind faith ? Does he suddenly lose his omnipotence if his voice suddenly booms from one end of heaven to the other for all mankind to hear in their own language simultaneously, thus erasing all doubt as to his existence ? What if a man had a child, but never had direct contact with that child from the day of it's birth, but instead sent couriers carrying messages from the father, and nothing more other than messages, no money, no provisions ? How long would it be before this child would begin to doubt the existence of the person claiming to be his father ? And does God's hiddenness excuse him from not healing amputees and other desperately ill people ? If God made his existence clearly known to all the world in a definite manner it wouldn't lead to a loss of faith, it would add to it knowledge, and give to newly believing scientists a whole new field of study.



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