Religion Has Been Harming Children for Centuries

I'm honored to have been invited to be a regular contributor of Debunking Christianity, a website belonging to the sensational Christian apologist turned atheist, John Loftus. John has published many books. He's a religious myth buster extraordinaire. My first article was published a few days ago. It's entitled:

Religion Has Been Harming Children for Centuries

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This was an easy write for me as I've been an advocate for children's rights for years.

I'm thoroughly convinced that religion is an impediment to social progress. There may be no place easier to see this phenomenon play out than when it comes to allowing our children, the weakest among us, the same rights as we do adults. Yet, in a day and age when secular society has concluded that it's wrong to hit our spouse, we continue to fight for the right to hit our kids. It's fair to say that Americans have even reached collective consensus that we don't need to beat our dogs in order to train them. The belief in the humane treatment of animals has thankfully over time become normalized in our society, a perfect example of cultural expectations being greatly influenced by secular morality. Yet, our children are still waiting. 

Please consider opening the above link and reading my first article on Debunking Christianity. You can comment on John's website or right here or both. 



Teresa Roberts is a myth buster by trade. At eighteen she escaped the religious cult of her childhood, but soon learned that society at large also expected her to conform. She has spent her life debunking the myths, fairy tales and cultural expectations that limit the creative process. Turns out almost everything they told us was a lie. Her recent published book - Have We Been Screwed? Trading Freedom for Fairy Tales- can be purchased on Amazon. 

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