If only one side can win, and God is the one who chooses the winner, why play at all?

Sports. A big part of our society. Especially in school. Weather it is Grade School, or Junior High , High School, College or Professional Sports.
Now, before the sporting event, a lot of the teams or individual players pray or have a group prayer. There have been some court cases on this matter dealing with schools. Well that’s not what this is about.
Before a game, why do both sides pray to God to give them a victory? There can only be one winner. The best they could hope for is a tie. If “God” is do "just" and "good", then “God” will let the game end in a tie. Or "God" will let the better team or player win. That's only right.
“God” is supposed to be fair and just. So why is one side allowed to win and the other made to loose? That's just not, well rational now is it?
We all know that to get on a sports team you must try out or be invited to join. It is competitive. If you are playing as an individual or as a group, you must compete and win to move further up. Now, one who is going to participate in a sport, one should be physically able to do so, and possess some skill or skills in that sport. The better you are, the more you win and so on.
So, if you are the lesser of the two or if all things are equal and you ask “God” to help you win, is that cheating? I think it is. If you believe in God. Which I don’t.
Now let’s look at the flip side. If all things are equal, and if you or your team are equal to the opposition and you loose, why did God favor the other side? God doesn’t like you? God interfered with the game. Ergo, God “threw” the game? “God” is a cheater. A “fixer.” Now how is that fair?
How is that good sportsmanship? Is that what you want to teach children who participate in sports?
This rises another question” If all things are equal, why is God interfering?
Now let’s take this further. If God is on the other time or individuals side, why would anyone want to compete against them? What’s the point if they know they are going to loose? It would seem that after a while, no one would want to compete against them. Even the spectators would quit watching after a while because they know that “God” is going to “throw” the game.
We penalize athletes who use drugs or other things to give them an unfair edge. So why don’t we do the same for those who “pray” for a victory on the playing field? How can they justify that? Why should the lesser of the two ask for “Divine” intervention? How is that fair to the team who were better trained and better prepared? That’s not “sporting” now is it?
The absurdity of praying before a sporting event is just that: absurd.
The saying, “Let the best man win” is true. Prayer won’t change a thing.
What are your views on this matter?

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Comment by Clarence Dember on January 12, 2009 at 9:28am
Munition wielding god sock puppet puppeteers, oh my.
Comment by Talibangelist on January 12, 2009 at 7:47am
God is a performance enhancing delusion. Now I'm pissed. You can't play sports if you smoke weed and everyone knows that in NO way enhances physical performance but people can go shooting up on god right before the game to enhance their abilities. I see a court case. Where's Michael Newdow when you need him?



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