Religion inhibits healthy functioning

Abrahamic faiths, based on domination, reveal underlying principles that an angry, vengeful, mean-spirited god hangs over us with promises of heaven and threats of hell. Many think of life as a hierarchy with god at the top, then man, male, who has dominion over everything. Under him and responsible to him is female with the mark of pain and suffering her lot in life. Under father/mother come children, often used as unpaid labor. Read Green Paradise Lost by Elizabeth Dodson Gray, 1973. 

Hers was one of the first ecofeminist books that I read. She originally titled the book "Why the Green Nigger" because man, male and female, turned Earth into a slave using it up without regard for our dependence on it. The publisher objected; she renamed the book, "Green Paradise Lost". 

In my opinion, she nailed it right on the head. She became an Episcopal priest, influencing many men and women of the need to stop being a bully to others and the Earth and start thinking in terms of an "Indra's Net". 

Patriarchy is a Conceptual Trap is a belief system that says there is a hierarchy with god at the top, then man, male, then female, then children, animals, plants, nature. She described the enslavement of humans for labor, the destruction of forest for wood, mining of mountains for minerals, and using water and polluting it for production. 

Indra's Net 

Everything is connected to everything else. Nature has a hierarchy, but that is not all it has. It has a net of interconnections that make up many parts of nature. If we think in terms of Indra's Net, we have a better image of how nature works and how humans can work. 

Count how many wars take place right now that are connected to religion. In our town we have warring religious factions. Look at the national level. Look at the Earth and the killing, destroying, bombing that is going on all over the Earth. If there is a god, that god would be one that reconciles, not destroys connection. The beheadings, the killing of LGBTs, the attempts to control women, all based on someone's notion of god yields bloodshed and suffering. Not the kind of energy I have any interest in supporting. 

Religiously-based civil unrest and warfare

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