I came up with this last night right before bed. I think it sums up the problem with religion perfectly.

'anti' means opposed or against.

'biotic' is from the Greek word 'biotikos' which means "fit for life."

Religion is opposed to being fit for life.

It is opposed to a real understanding of the world and the universe which allow science and technology.

It is opposed to doing the right things for life to proceed because it is so focused on what comes after.

Just my thoughts for the morning.

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Comment by Jason Fleming on January 28, 2012 at 5:14pm

Your point is perfectly valid. Great analogy!

However, I think it could easily be co-opted by the religious with no handle on Greek language. They would simply say, "Yes, Religion is an antibiotic against the diseases of sin, spiritual death, yada yada yada..." I am told it also works against self-fulfillment, tolerance and independence but they would leave those side effects out.



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