Tomorrow is "Partner Apreciation Day" at Starbucks. This means we can wear a regular tshirt rather than the standard 'uniform' of collar shirt (white/black) and slacks (black/tan). There's a good chance a certain coworker will wear a religiously themed tshirt. I'm arriving early to sit in the cafe, work on some personal stuff and see if he's wearing a religiously themed shirt.

If he's wearing a religiously themed shirt, I'm changing into a tshirt I purchased at the American Atheist Convention in Atlanta. It has that standard grow from ape to human series, but the last one is Jesus and underneath it says "Homo Resurrectus".

If he's not, I will wear the shirt I have on.

The boss says "use discretion" when it comes to our shirts. He specifically said to me, "There's this one tshirt I've seen you wear recently that is inappropriate." Well... that may be so, but if this other highly religious employee (or the boss himself, who goes to the same employee's church) is wearing anything based upon religion, I'm wearing my 'evolution' shirt. If they complain I'll say why I'm doing it and see what happens. If he sends me home, I'll call his boss. If that doesn't help, I don't know... I'm still hashing that out.

I've emailed Ed Buckner (the president of American Atheists) who lives 10 miles from where I work. I haven't heard back, but I'm hoping he'll be in town. If anyone is wearing a religiously themed shirt, I hope to call him and have him come to the store. Then we'll talk and see what happens when I start work.

I'm oddly excited about this. I hope it comes to a head. I want very much to make this point.

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Comment by Lisa Hamilton on April 24, 2009 at 7:45pm
Didn't happen. Aaron got off work much earlier than I thought. He was only scheduled until 9, where I thought he was scheduled until about 1. Ah, well. That's really too bad. I must have looked at next week's schedule. None of us have a set schedule. After our confrontation about epilepsy, my boss tries not to schedule us together if he can help it. lol
Comment by vivian on April 24, 2009 at 7:40pm
How did it go with the T-shirts?
Comment by Lisa Hamilton on April 24, 2009 at 9:42am
Oh... now that I've listened to myself talk for several posts in a row, I simply HAVE to say this! The other day I thanked Aaron for his comment. I said it led me to immerse myself in what I believe and I'm now active in the atheist community, plan to go back to college and get a Philosophy degree and thrilled I finally have a direction. He seemed crestfallen, but recovered rather quickly, saying, "I'm glad you've found something you enjoy." HA!
Comment by Lisa Hamilton on April 24, 2009 at 9:32am
I won't sue their aprons off. If I get a public apology that will be fine. The money would be nice, but I'm much more interested in them admitting the discrimination.
Comment by Lisa Hamilton on April 24, 2009 at 9:12am
Aaron knew I have epilepsy when he made that comment.
Comment by Lisa Hamilton on April 24, 2009 at 9:10am
This same employee (Aaron) made a comment to me a couple of months ago. He explained how Jesus cast demons out of a boy, thus curing him of epilepsy. At the time I didn't react. I couldn't believe it. How can anyone be so stupid. We had a lengthy facebook message discussion (he wouldn't post on my "wall.") He never apologized other than saying he never said I was possessed and 'i'm sorry you took it the wrong way.' Idiot.

As for the whole religion issue and work, I've had lengthy discussions with my boss. He responded to a link I posted on facebook. I didn't respond to his. We've agreed not to talk about it at work and it's been fine. Basically by the end of our discussion I had compared God to an invisible magic elf, the Bible to a talking stuffed animal and Jesus to David Koresh. My boss and Aaron are very clear where I stand on the issue and know I'm not shy about expressing my opinion. :-)

I haven't looked at or replied to any other blog posts yet, but I intend to! What a great place to come and discuss this as non-believers!!! I like this place!!!
Comment by Lisa Hamilton on April 24, 2009 at 8:48am
I'm sure I'm right and on solid legal ground. I'm a paralegal, too... I don't think they want to mess with me if they can help it.

Yes, their health plan is amazing! I have epilepsy. There is no preexisting condition clause. Less than a month after qualifying for benefits I had surgery (pacemaker-thing for seizures). Paid for everything.
Comment by Angie Jackson on April 24, 2009 at 8:18am
If you DO end up unemployed, sue the pants off 'em. If anyone can wear a religious shirt, you can wear an atheist one. End of story.

Remember the kid in Atlanta who got suspended for wearing a Pepsi shirt on Coca-Cola day? His parents and he sued the school board and paid for his college education with their winnings. Oh, and I have heard Starbucks health plan rocks. I gotta get a job there....
Comment by Lisa Hamilton on April 23, 2009 at 5:28pm
If you think the coffee you get sucks, tell the barista and you'll be given another. About six months ago we started a new way of making the coffee that I like better. Now it's ground all day long and re-brewed every half hour rather than every hour. If you still don't like it, you aren't used to real coffee. Maxwell House is sawdust and is just brown water once you get used to decent coffee... though I have to admit Starbucks' recent journey into instant coffee is a mistake. I forget what it's called "Viva" or something. I can't tell the difference between it and any other instant coffee. Ick.

I have a soft spot for Starbucks. I only work part time, but I'm offered full health benefits. They've paid for 3 brain surgeries and spend $2,000 each month on my medication. :-)
Comment by Dre Smith on April 23, 2009 at 5:17pm
When is starbucks going to start serving some good coffee? Too many times that shit is bitter as hell. Viva la Maxwell House

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