I figure one of the major differences between religion and science is it takes much, Much, MUCH longer for religion to admit when it's wrong.

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Comment by Ted Gresham on February 18, 2012 at 7:01am

Actually, I am quite well versed on all the major religions and a few minor ones.  When my christian world fell apart I went in search of "god" somewhere else.  I had background knowledge from study of Eastern religions in college.

The religions which teach reincarnation and Karma do make demands.  Hinduism is pantheistic so it depends upon what direction one goes there.  There is no "god" in Buddhism.  Buddha was not a god nor supernatural in any way.  His was and is a magnificent teaching of morality and ethics discovered through mental effort in meditation.  There was nothing supernatural.  Buddhist mysticism and deification of Buddha came later, a lot as a result of Hinduism incorporating Buddha as a god when it figured out it could not get rid of it.  At heart I consider myself a Buddhist as well as an atheist because Buddha most precisely nailed ethics and morality while atheism represents a world view based upon knowledge, logic, and reality.

The problem with demands made by religion, or a perceived god through a religion, are not that they exist but that they are contradictory and that religious followers pick and choose what they want to follow and what they want to ignore.  Religion is a massive buffet where each person drifts here and there with a plate, lopping on this idea, that though, that belief, and then goes back to his table and doesn't even eat half what he's selected.  And even some of what he forks he doesn't chew well but swallows it whole.

No matter what religion it is, one of the Big Three or any Eastern religion, horrific cruelty has resulted in its name or at the very least by those who claim allegiance to it.  Though the tenants of the religion, whatever it is, teach love and forgiveness and peace (and they all do) when the time comes for hatred in the name of some usually petty offense everything is set aside.  In the end all the faith, mysticism, belief, and holy texts don't mean shit.  People act like people.

Science, as opposed to religion, does not claim absolutes.  Every discovery is tagged with "as we know it now."  Science is a process of discovery.  Science merely helps us understand the reality we can learn and perceive.  There's no "accurate" or "not accurate," for it always comes with the caveat that more research and investigation can and might prove any assumption wrong.

The atom bomb was not "science."  It was a discovery OF science.  It was a tool, and no less a tool than the sword or the gun or the guillotine.  It was and is men with religious convictions who kill others.  Don't blame their tools.  History is full of men killing men using whatever means at hand in the name of religion, whether it be a rock or a bomb.

Religion does not provide a "good moral code."  Buddha's teaching comes closest to one but even the Eight Fold Path is merely a guideline that even he said does not have to be followed to the letter.  Western religions get morality totally fucked up.  It's easy to pick and choose what is right and wrong in the Bible Buffet.  No, a moral code comes from one's personal compass.  Right and wrong is best defined by a person based upon the belief that life is important.  From that single seed comes respect for life, respect for human beings, respect for the planet which nurtures our life.  What is good or bad should be determined by how it will affect life, in a specific sense (our family/friends/humanity) and in a general sense (living things, the earth, the universe).  Upon this foundation we must develop a hierarchy that helps us decide when one must be destructive to one thing in order to do a greater good to others, as in cut a tree to build a house, butcher an animal to feed a family, or use force to stop an intruder before your family is harmed.

Beyond preserving and keeping life safe morality, and on a purely human level, morality should serve to keep people happy, make them feel safe, meet their emotional, mental a

Comment by thewoodenwand on February 18, 2012 at 4:22am

I assume you are not knowledgable in all religions, I find most people have a problem with the The Old testement Bible, New testament bible and the Koran, I have to admit fairy stories and lessons in war, morals and forgiveness do not sound like the "truth".

Reincarnation, Karma, and othe religions must be looked at before you give up on religion.

God does not make demands in all religions.

Science is never perfect or even ever very acurate. The standard model has been shown to be warping in deep space, quantum physics has show 3mm square diamond at room temperature know what the other id doing (sppoky effect - ask Einstein). We are lucky enough to use science to enslave (put into poverty) as many people as does the stupid superstions of western religions. Lastly who killed more people the Christians during the crusades or the scientists that created the batom bomb. Do Not put Science on a pedestal, it is not a substute for a good moral code or a clear conscience. 

Comment by Ted Gresham on February 17, 2012 at 12:51pm

For religion to admit it is wrong is to destroy the foundation of its existence.  People go to incredibly absurd lengths within a religious faith to maintain the fiction. 

Of course this is on the level of the convinced believer.  The hierarchy knows they are creating fiction in the first place.  It's deliberate.  It is how they control their followers.

Comment by Loren Miller on February 16, 2012 at 1:20pm

Well, of COURSE it takes them a while. Their learning is ABSOLUTE! The Pope is INFALLIBLE!!! And the Earth is the Center of the Universe!!!!! ... [excuse me a minute]

{What ... Galileo WHO? Heliocentric WHAT? Oh, cripe, another boat rocker!}



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