Religion wants to be atheist/secular....?

It seems to me that the religious people, the thinking religious people who attempt to argue for their religion, do so by convincing the unbelieving listener that he is just like them. He begins to speak of the "mercy" of his religion, he speaks of how "Moses" was concerned with mankind, or that Muhammad freed the women of Arabia.
My point is: if you really believe that Islam or Judaism is REALLY the right way, then why would you apologise for it by attempting to adjust to a more secular view? I don't change my view that children deserve not to be threatened by a cosmic headmaster, who will burn their little bodies in hell if they don't do as they are told by some deluded sadist posing as a teacher. No, on the contrary, I push my view even harder. But do the religious...? No they don't. If you challenge a Muslim about the Quranic verses that say he may beat his wife he will attempt to give you the most secular spin on it that he can. If you challenege a Jew about the commandment to kill "every thing that breathes" when they besiege cities outside of Israel, they will soon tell you that, "Oh no they are old fashioned ideas." IDEAS!? IDEAS? NO! these are writings, these are laws, these are the tenets of the Jewish religion. These religions claim to stand for all time but when challenged they don't. So what they are saying is that they recognise the barbarity, that they recognise the backwardness, they recognise the fact that the laws in the Bible cannot stand in modern times. A new way has arrived, the secular way and all religions are trying their hardest to be most compatible with it. Even the hard liners will forsake their own laws and seek the help of the secular Human Rights.... Religion is seeing it's weakness. Israeli's are sick of crazed christian immigrants, the Palestinians are sick of being slaughtered in the name of The Old Testament rules, which say that none but jews can not live in Israel unles one of three conditions is fulfilled

1. That they serve the Israelites/Jews
2.That they leave.
3. That they must be slaughtered to the last man and only the women and children are to be kept. The women for sex, the children for slavery.

ONLY we the nontheists can save religon from destroying it's adherents, and deep in their fearful hearts they want us to!Muslims cry out for secular aid, cristians call on secular aid, jews, hindu's all call on our version of morality when their own shows itself to be barbarous. Every court in the world is being bombarded with the word "Human Rights" not God's Laws.... we are winning, slowly my nontheist comrades and activists, but surely we are winning.... keep the fight!

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Comment by Apostate Muslim on March 2, 2009 at 7:40am you the facts on the Anglican Church. Tells you where that money comes from!
Comment by Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM on February 27, 2009 at 11:37pm
You have put your finger on the major reason why religion should not be involved in teaching morals to people, especially the young and the vulnerable.
Comment by Moonbeam on February 27, 2009 at 8:17pm
Yes it is amazing how modern people can defend such violent, primitive BS. I will never, ever understand how reasonably intelligent and otherwise decent people can have such horrendous beliefs. How can they believe in, much less worship, the same god that was supposedly advocating those things only a couple thousand years ago?!

I hope you are right, and I hope there is time in the world before they manage to destroy it to win the fight.



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