"Without GOD there would not be any real logic, reason or science, In fact there wouldn't be a Donald Barbera (me) in this worlds age!! I'm not trying to change anybody's mind, each person sails his own ship and if he/she wants to sail it to life neverlasting, I say have a good trip!!”

Normally, I just pass on things brought up by Christians who obviously never researched the Bible or religion, but since I was mentioned by name, I began to think about age and religion. In my dotage I’ve noticed many friends, acquaintances and family suddenly “got” religion. They may wish to deny that they are “Johnny come lately” to Christianity, but memories of reality tell me something else.

Many in the country get religion as the end of life comes into view. I call it “about to kick the bucket” religion. I find it fascinating that many of my former drinking, carousing and general “raising hell” pals have backslid all the way to the religion wagon. Of course that is their prerogative, but they should remember the people who know them now, as well as the people who knew them when. A good seat in the afterlife now heads the bucket list for those passing 50 and realizing that the end is in sight.

This kind of magical thinking plagues portions of American society and we are not better for it. Instead of learning and living, these bucket list club members cashed in their chips for a “sure thing.” It doesn’t take a credentialed researcher to understand that religion blocked and continues to block progress, including even the reading of their precious Bible. It was never intended reading for the common folks. Sadly the church failed in its attempt to block translation and subsequent publishing of the Bible, but they were more successful in thwarting life saving science.

My suggestion to these religious bucket list subscribers is to "Get A Life" and then live it. It would be hypocritical for me not to mention that I have a bucket list and that it has been with me since my 20's and it included such things as ride in a submarine, fly a plane and get a date with Lola Fallana. Today, my bucket list has nothing on it that can’t be accomplished in the “here and now.”

As far as the end is concerned, I’d like a reaffirmation of life ceremony when I go, I want my ashes scattered in the Bahamas, and I’d like some naked women, with bottles of my favorite rum to drop past just before I kick the bucket.

By the way, my existence in this world is a purely biological fact. I exist and that is enough for me.

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