Religions: My New Definition: Hijackers Of Childhood/Atheistic Wonderment Of Everything For Dubious Agendas.

During our early childhood years as young Atheists (Implicit Atheism, no knowledge nor care about Gods) most of us had an overwhelming wonderment for absolutely everything, I spent my childhood examining everything I could find and wondered how it all worked and was related to myself, if given a present involving technology, within two days it would be in pieces as I investigated what made it move or make noises, blow air, etc.... 

This wonderment followed me into my early teens and was almost squelched completely when attending a Christian College where we were fed false answers for everything and virtually told not to wonder, but accept answers only from The Bible and their god through appointed representatives or priests.

I was very lucky that my childhood skepticism crept in and made me source information from such sources as encyclopedias, where I found the History Of Christianity and on researching this I realized that such answers were indeed Fraudulent and dreamed up by some Usurper named Abraham many thousands of years in the past when real knowledge was scarce. 

I then went onto look at other religions and read their literature to check to see if any of them have any real answers and the results were the same, I was especially offended by the gross violence in the Koran towards infidels, simply due to a difference in belief. 

Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Taoism I found to be the most respectable of the beliefs I investigated, but again, their answers were simplistic and just what can be realized from any normal observation of human nature.

After having a dig into Anthropological texts and other historical references, plus a little study of psychology and neurology, I came to a realization of where religion began, very likely when humans developed village style living and had some time on their hands from hunting and foraging duties and sat around the village discussing their natural wonderment of stars sun and life in general.  Many of the groups were then harboring animistic beliefs, in that all creatures had guardian or guiding spirits. Taoism still holds to such animism principles as if they killed for food or accidentally killed a creature, they must perform a ritual to appease the creature's spirit.

THE ORIGINS OF RELIGION: Schizotypal PD, Narcissism, Megalomania, Usurping.

While sitting around the village campfire yarns would likely be told, yet some members of the tribe, usually only one within a tribe or group of tribes would seek to be the center of attention due to  Megalomania or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Yet there are others who suffer Hallucinations that appear more Real than reality as Hallucinations often do, as all the mind is tuned to the vision, making it more vivid since normal daily activities have to share the mind with numerous other processes, thus reality lacks such focus as hallucinations generate.

These people would seek to gain the attention of the tribe for either to gain control over the tribe or to push the messages they believe as important from their Hallucinations.

These people will deliberately create a web of deceit and lies to make themselves appear important, wise and linked somehow to the meaning of everything.

Here they start to hijack the wonderment expressed at tribal gatherings, such as around the village fires and assert their concepts of the meaning of everything and their own importance or the importance of their visions in their concept of everything with concocted up answers to all questions they have gathered from previous meetings.

Essentially they assert themselves as the source of all Wisdom and Knowledge.

As we know, these usurpers become the village witch doctors, Shamans, High Priests and eventually take over control of the entire village.

Even the chiefs or village heads become afraid of the assumed powers and spiritual assertions of the village shamans.

I believe that Abraham was such a usurper/shaman, from the writings in the Bible it appears that he may have been one of the Schizotypal P.D, Narcissists, but that may be simply how they recorded his teachings by Oral Tradition, though many authors produce leading characters in their writings that depict their own characteristics, so since the Bible God is an extremely Malevolent, Psychotic, Megalomaniac, then this is more likely the character traits of Abraham himself.

It has been demonstrated by the Koran, that Islam definitely started in exactly this way, as Muhammad was definitely a Megalomaniac, Usurper.

Thus my concept of how Religions originated:



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Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on March 27, 2014 at 4:21am
Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on March 26, 2014 at 6:18am

Thanks Richard, yes, I've used this in debates with Theists, but as you would guess, denial takes precedence over truth to them.

Comment by Richard C Brown on March 25, 2014 at 11:48am

Interesting observation.

Now convince the theist world.

A theist might say that god dictated and corrected Oral Tradition.

Stick with UR observation .Have a good journey.



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