Religions Should Accept Findings Of Science:

I'm in discussions with Theists who are in constant denial of Science that goes anywhere near not supporting their Faith.

They claim to understand science and the findings of scientists, accept health warnings and findings in Cosmology and Geology, but only up to where the sciences don't interfere with their faith.

Once there is conflict with faith, they completely deny and deride scientific findings.

Now we know that Genesis and the early Biblical writing such as the Pentateuch were produced by scribes under Babylonian captivity and isolation from their Judea during the 3rd Century BCE.

These works were more to keep their culture alive than works of fact, so they are essentially allegorical legends borrowed from Babylonia and given a Hebrew flavor, so as to give the Hebrew people something to associate with as some form of identity.  

As Josiah started Judaism to give his people some form of religious solidarity.

The Fall of Adam appears to be more about losing the Garden of Eden, which Archaeologists now believe to have been a very fertile valley at the top of the Persian Gulf, where four rivers met, when the sea rose and flooded their valley, they believed that their God(s) were angry at them, thus the likely origins of the Garden of Eden myth.

There appears to be some small evidence of truth in the Biblical myths, but they are all borrowed from neighboring civilizations with little to do with any of the false character names used by the scribes to make them appear to belong to their own culture.

Yet, even after showing my friends the Archaeological documentaries on how these discoveries have been made and their methods for making their conclusions.

Religion should accept that science will in many cases discover deceptions and the most probable origins of their belief systems.

They would be better off understanding their own heritage and cultural roots, and if they continue to believe in it, so be it.  We will not deny them that right.

Yet my associates dive angrily and pigheadedly straight into absolute denial.

Proving that Religion is not, nor will ever be as Honest as Science.

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Comment by Idaho Spud on September 17, 2014 at 1:30pm

Pigheaded they are.  Another good word to add to my collection.  Thanks.



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