Religious believe that science theory exists just to prove that God does not exist. Religious belief is also just a theory but not to the Fundi. Truly, belief and theory are synonymous. The fighting over what “nobody knows as fact” truly is a twilight zone script. This is a rhetorical battle of imagination where everyone loses and has for over 2500 years.  How long is it to continue? Do the religious realize that science is not fighting? Science simply goes about the daily business of discovery and research. All the word twisting to make an enemy of science and the none-believer will never make it so. We are pacifists not war mongers.

"Then beliefs became irrelevant, even inimical to truth." Belief on its own is benign and can't hurt anything especially real truth. It is when people decide that their religious belief must force their will on others as they have for thousands of year with violent deadly force and fear mongering that belief becomes inimical to people. Who cares about the truth with your being murdered or raped, boiled burned or torn apart!

America was founded on Christian Theory and principals…not on one religion or any specific God. We had the right to believe or not to believe. But the religious still hold that God is to rule everyone and everything. God never does anything and can’t do anything at least by modern empirical testing. The religious inbitting of religion is unreal. Take any religion and put it in power and see what the other religions do. That is why the founders wanted religion out of the government. We were to be “free” from religious persecutions yet to this day we still suffer it…

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