Religious Indoctrination in Iowa Schools

The Spencer, Iowa school district is considering opening up its doors to religious indoctrination. According to the Des Moines Register, "Public school students in Spencer will get to study the Bible and pray at graduation if school district leaders approve a proposed "religious liberties" policy, the first of its kind in Iowa.

The plan calls for elective classes such as "Critic of Darwinism," which includes arguments against the theory of evolution, and "The Bible in History and Literature."'

For the full article, follow this link:

The above was taken from my face book page, delivered to me by UNIFI: Uni Freethinkers and Inquirers.

I have been noticing this sort of change... to where, the influence of religion, specific christianity, has been, especially on the television, well, it seems to be in your face constantly, more than the norm. And when I sit back and think about what makes the media and everything we hear on the media possible..., well I think about money... and who has more money than the church!! Then I think some more and the thoughts that come naturally after the previous, is that they are just getting warmed up!

I'm talking about all the subtle ways in which god is, very sly like, slipped in amungst the rest of the words we hear, weather it be on the six o'clock news, or prime time tele, it does seem to be happening alot more lately!?! And if you happen to notice it as well, the natural question is why? And where is this pattern leading us?

And then I think about all the weapons they have at their disposal, two thousand+ years of visual attacks, and ... I mean the church has attacked our senses, all of them..., in a sense they have made a science out of converting people...

What does atheism have... Darwin, and... science. And they are organized, and we are.... not.

It is embarassing, when one thinks about it, rather humiliating how stupid people really are. Please take no offence, just a generalization.


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Comment by K. Walker on July 25, 2009 at 7:21pm
Clever idea with the history class. If the classes were given to these students in all schools and taught this way, the students would be forced to see the differences between truth and fantasy and the world would have more of a "fighting chance."
Comment by Brad on July 22, 2009 at 11:10pm
Very true Cliff. I think that if children or anyone for that matter would just think for them selves, they would see the rediculasness of religion... I have read a bit of Budhism and you really don't have to read far to read him say, something to the effect,... Don't believe what I say, think for yourself, make your own observations.... That's not word for word, but I'm feeling like a lazy ass, cutting and pasting is just too much for me tonight! The way we look to one another for acceptance and so on, it is that, our need to fit in that keeps all those universal truths at bay, and alows all of the many biases and bullsh!t strive and survive.

Anyway I really like your idea of having a History of religion class.

I seen the light, for me it all started only a few years ago, and when the light came on god was no where to be found. On the contrary, the light proved him to be a complete farse, one of them jokes that are not haha funny.



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