In my book I write about infection techniques but the more I study those techniques the more appreciation I have for the role of decreased immune resistance in the process. You tend to get sick when your immune system is suppressed or weakened by stress. Opportunistic disease organisms take advantage of the weakness to infect. Many people get infected when they are young and have little resistance to religion and are under the intimidating protection of religious parents. Adults often get infected when they are under great stress. Death of a parent, child, spouse or friend can weaken them so much that an opportunistic religious virus can infect their mind. Their search for security leads them to admit irrational but comforting ideas. Next time you come across a religious person, do some discrete questioning to determine when they got infected. They may say, "I found the lord after my mother died." or "Jesus helped me through my bout with cancer." They are weakened and ripe for the picking.

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