What is the difference between Islam's end times and that of Christianity?

For the most part, most Muslims I know will admit to the required bloodshed to be committed by their own hands, where as Christians only talk about Heaven, and stay away from mentioning the true details of Armageddon. A time when they will be expected to return and slaughter millions on Earth. Either way, I think on both sides of the table, y'all some pretty sick f*cks. I wish my children didn't have to be subjected to this kind of illness.

I look at all the propaganda spewing out of Iran at present. The new "secret" video that is to be released to the populace over there reiterating that end times are near and that the Imam Mahdi will make his presence known soon. And then I look at our state.

Currently, we conservatism making a come back. And I don't hold too many qualms with some of their issues. Guns and Bibles don't bother me, so long as you aren't holding a gun to my head and are making me read the Bible.

Don't get me wrong. I am not asking for religion to be wiped from the face of the Earth. Surprised? How about the fact that I even see a need for religion, but in very small, SECULARIZED doses. You have to understand, our world would be horrible without idol worship because many people feel a need for a higher presence to be “watching” over them in order to feel validated at times. Not everyone can afford a personal therapist that is corporeal in substance. Top that with the fact that there isn't a medication out there yet that can do what religion does. AND most people would rather have an imaginary friend tell them what they want to hear for free....

But then my bubble gets popped, and I am sure you see all the religious agenda on the campaign trail this election season. And I find it upsetting. I see/hear/read many rants and raves against secular people drawing lines in the sand about school prayer banners still being displayed in schools and other public forums. I see people spewing vitriol filled religious speech about gays at soldiers' funerals simply because it is a venue that will get the most attention. And more recently, the military has been quietly sweeping out religious references from their uniforms and battle fields.

And I do not have a problem with this. I hear cries from the masses of religious Christians that our country is falling apart and we are losing our moral high ground because of this. Still, last I checked, this has been the most corrupt time in history over the past decade, and the majority rule of Christian fundamentalism has been at the helm. More than that, I think people have forgotten the Cold War and its effect on our nation's take on religion in politics.

Christianity was taken and used for propaganda for anti-communist attacks. A great example of that would be our putting the term "One nation, Under God" in to the pledge. The Red Scare was huge and they found so many ways to justify bleeding away the lines of church and state that we eventually just accepted the bias. Now, we are here in the new millennium, realizing that there is no true place for this in our politics. We have seen it demonstrated how letting religious agendas do not mix well in government operations. Just look at Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more. Yet, for some reason, the religious right thinks that this cannot happen here?

I think part of that problem is that the Cold War Era recently ended and that generation grew up in this biased political system. They do not comprehend what occurred because they were too young to know. These children experienced the media propaganda blitz with movies like The Robe, The Ten Commandments, and Samson and Delilah. The music industry did its part as well, releasing hits like "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" (1958), "Somebody Up There Likes Me" (1953), and the like. Even some programs would go so far as to call failures in the Soviet space programs a result of godlessness!

Then you had shows like The Catholic Hour, This Is The Life, that would go on about being a good American, good believer, and talk about the "domestic threat" of communism. Sounds familiar doesn't it? These shows emphasized that we were a Christian nation. Not religious, but Christian. Even more disturbing was that the majority of these shows aired on Sunday mornings. Right along side the morning news, thus putting government and church in lockstep with one another.

You weren't a Christian if you were a commie! That was the bottom line, and after a harrowing experience with the Nazis and Japan in WWII, people didn't want to fail at being a good Christian.

But I digress, my point is that many of these things you see atheist based lawsuits going on about, are from the Cold War Era. Nativity scenes at the Town Hall lawn, school prayer banners, etc. These are remnants of a long ended war, and people are having a hard time letting them go.

I really feel that Americans are starting to realize that faith is just that. It is not a political agenda like that of Iran. It is not a means to "fix" our economy. It is a comfort for the soul as it should be. It has no place in our government policy making. I strongly believe supporting Israel is a mistake. They have back stabbed us countless times. They instigate much of the conflict, but not all of it. There is a searing bigoted hatred of the Jewish people in the Middle East. Sadly, the Muslim doctrine does take a stance against them.

And that is what blows my mind.

We are headed towards the same hardline stance with our own doctrines, and I do not understand how we don't see the madness in this line of thought, especially as individuals.

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Comment by Bluegrass Skeptic on February 4, 2014 at 4:14pm

I tell you, Dennis, there isn't anything out there in the world that provides a person in moments of weakness the comfort that religion does. It gives this weird "safe zone" to lay yourself bare and come clean. I really wish we had a better way to duplicate such things, but short of just one on one with a counselor, it seems only in churches can folks find a safe harbor for their imperfections, where other observers can do nothing but love and forgive.

Religion will never be wiped out. Honestly, I don't think it should be wiped out. Or rather, I should say I don't believe spirituality should be wiped out. There are those who seriously need the delusion to survive, and that is a pretty large majority. It takes a lot from folks like us who are lacking in such beliefs to accept the reality of our world around us and keep on with it, not out of resigned pessimism (as some have accused me of), but determination to embrace the silver linings to reality. There are a lot of people who just can't do that!

I think the notion of running a country according to a mythology is completely erroneous and not realistic whatsoever. It is also divisive and unduly demanding on the populations. Spirituality should be a personal thing, shared with others of like minded ideals, in a private setting. I don't care if a preacher wants to go out and preach on the streets, but he can stay out of my government offices.

Honestly, it wasn't until JFK's election that religious culture really came to a forefront in politics, but all that programming from the Red Scare really did the bulk of the damage to how our society values doctrine.

War will not end religion. A war inspired by religion, and later evaluated by the next generations will help to tone down the rhetoric and policy it inspires though.

Comment by Michael Penn on February 4, 2014 at 6:34am

I think you have put a lot of this together properly and we should be able to see it coming. Instead, many of the religious want to sweep god into government thinking this is how it should be. I strongly disagree. No imaginary sky person needs to run my affairs. I remember living in Texas when Pat Robertson was going to run for president. I was religious then, and many church people thought this would be the answer to our prayers - Pat Robertson as president. Maybe we could get prayer back in school where it belonged.

But wait a minute! I heard as a child how some bad people wanted to take prayer out of our schools and take away our bibles. It was appalling! The thing was, I don't ever remember praying in school, or taking my bible to school. Maybe these bad people wanted to take away our freedoms, but it was a freedom we did not exercise. Better go with it anyway just to be safe.

We live in a world of madness in which the next big conflict could be caused by the imaginary beliefs of the world's faithful. Everyone will play their role and the American religious right will smile and usher it on in. It won't be very long now. Jesus never comes. Neither do any of the other figures. What have we done?

Is this what it takes to end religion? Is this the end of religion or the end of mankind?



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