Religious Segregation in Toronto Public School

Yes, you read that correctly. Valley Park Middle School in Toronto allows Muslim students to use the cafeteria for Friday prayer, but has decided to segregate their students based on gender. Seventh and eighth grade girls pray behind the boys, separated by tables, while girls who have their period must sit on their own in the back of the room, not partaking in the prayer.

Both Canada's left-wing and right-wing national newspapers have run editorials equally decrying this appalling situation and school board decision. The accompanying photo published has provoked outrage at the treatment of these young girls in a publicly-funded school.

While the Toronto District School Board claims they are obligated to provide accommodation for students' faith needs, this segregation violates the Ontario Education Act and the District's own gender equity policy.

Furthermore, the school's practice is condemned by the Muslim Canadian Congress, which is threatening legal action, and the Canadian Council of Muslim Women. MCC founder Tarek Fatah stated his concern that "the Toronto District School Board (is) using tax money to tell girls that they are second-class citizens" because of "white, liberal guilt." Fatah elaborated: "Deep inside is a racist view that Muslims are not considered equal human beings, and that they can treat women how they want, and it’s nobody else’s concern." With these major Muslim groups also so strongly in favor of gender equity, the school district should seriously reconsider why its imposing sexist segregation on impressionable students.

Religious accommodations could be made for Muslim students without promoting sexism and gender segregation. Trustee Michael Coteau says that the prayer sessions should be conducted in line with the District's gender equity policy, with girls -- all of them -- praying beside the boys.

Please sign this petition to call up the Toronto School District Board to respect gender equity and not shame girls for menstruating.


Link to Petition

I read this story and felt that not only was it relevant to our interests, but that people here would be moved to sign the petition and raise the numbers. Why should tax dollars go towards a public school system that allows shaming of young girls? Personally, as a parent, I wouldn't want to send my child to this school based on the fact that it is no longer secular as well. 

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Comment by Holly Hunt on July 20, 2011 at 9:14pm
I think it's just Toronto. I'm outside of the city and I haven't heard anything like this around here. It only might by that school as well as it's the only one that keeps coming up.
Comment by Karla on July 20, 2011 at 9:09pm
I hope Canada gets this under control before long.



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