is it true that religion is getting more sneaky? words like family really just mean Christian don't they? i was told that eharmoney is a Christian sight but it does not state this, because there is no choice for same sex on its dating preferences. i could remember when i was a kid me and my mom went to this "empowerment" meeting it consisted of body builders smashing bricks and displaying there "strength" there was no hint or mention of Jesus or god until the very end where they asked to join in a prayer and pass a bucket for donating it was a sneak attack flat out to duke people into giving to christen origination. that has stayed in my mind as to how deceiving Christians can be they post there agenda under a different tittle family, better living coalition are just a few words used by Christians to disguise them selves. so how many of you have bin ambushed by Christians? or have seen there subtle tactics in use? do share --Azel

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Comment by Michael Black on April 16, 2011 at 7:55pm
Atheist do the same thing.  "Free Thought"

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