Well, I just watched Religulous and found it highly entertaining. The two interviews that I found most interesting were from the Vatican priest, who make great points. The quote here sums up pretty well why we should not be teaching creationism or relying on the Bible to explain the origins of the universe.

"The Chrisitan scriptures were written between about 2000bc to 200ad. Modern science came to be with Galileo, up through Newton, through Eienstien, and so on. What we know as modern science came from within that period (starting with Galileo). With that said, how in the world can there be any science in the bible? There cannot be, because the two periods are separated so much. The scriptures are NOT teaching science."
-George Coyne, former director of the Vatican Observatory.

The other priest interviewed was Fr. Reginald Foster one of the Pope's lead Latinist. In his interview he discusses the fact that there is no hell and that the Bible is just a group of stories put together by man. He also speaks about the Catholic faith not being quite the monotheistic religion everyone thinks it is, given all the saints, the Virgin Mary, and various members of the Diocese that you have to go through to actually get to Jesus. He makes refference to a survey of Catholics in Italy asking them, in a true life or death event to whom do they pray... #6 on the list... Jesus Christ.

Other highlights from the film I enjoyed were the exgay minister, the trip to the creationist museum with Ken Hamm, and his discussion with a man playing Jesus at a Florida amusement park, who tries to discribe the trinity as ice, water, steam. Bill Mahr admits to being set back by this but admits it's still bullshit. The basic flaw that I see, is that water cannot be a liquid, solid, and gas at the sametime, whereas the god figure must be all aspects of the trinity at once. An elegant but flawed logic.

I was impressed by the clip at the truckers chapel aswell, only one person got up and left. The others, were actually very kind and rationally discussed the subject of religion. In fact, at the end of this segment, Bill thanks them for being Christ-like and not just Christian, very humorous.

Other things that I think should make Christians really question their beliefs are the similarities between various other god myths that are so close to Christianity that if you take the diety's names out then no one would know they weren't Christian, such as, Horus and Mithra.

Anyways, I found this movie very entertaining and full of food for thought.

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Comment by Kitty on May 13, 2009 at 5:47pm
Saw it the first week it came out, then several times online. I like it and wish it were more comprehensive.
But very good, still.
Randy Keating Comment by Randy Keating on May 12, 2009 at 4:03pm
Randy Keating Comment by Randy Keating on May 12, 2009 at 4:03pm
I thought it was pretty could. I think he could have toned down the rhetoric to appeal to a broader audience.
Comment by Justin Pearson Smith on May 12, 2009 at 3:00pm
Great movie, I just wish it was a little more hard hitting. For that reason alone I can only give it a 7/10

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