Reply to Jennifer Hancock: Atheism Can Be Satisfying Part I

The meaning of life? Stand out by the beach or a pristine forest in the deep of night and observe the vastness of it all. As Carl Sagan says, billions and billions of stars. And then you learn almost all of it is hydrogen and helium and the most common phase of matter is a liquid plasma—scary and hellish stuff.

As the great physicist Neils Bohr said at a '20s science symposium, “what possible meaning can it all have? It just is.” The message I get is “that's fine. Just enjoy it while you can.”

We can easily see that religion and the Bible are fear tactics that the alpha classes inflicted on the peasant and working class. I went to Catholic School and at one time in my life used to discuss and debate religion with Rudy Giuliani in Brooklyn. He was a religious fanatic, you know. Even went to church in the middle of the week. Often I'd end the lunch-time conversation with the thought: What kind of a God would punish me for refusing to abandon reason? Since accepting this premise, I never had any fear or angst about going to “the other place”. It's pretty obvious, to me anyway, that when we die we go to the place or state we were before being born, non-existence. So why worry about it? We won't exist.

In Catholic high school we learned about “The Mysteries of the Church”. To me the only mystery was how the hell there're so many people that believe this bullshit. It was Brooklyn, remember? The first prominent sign we notice in the school library when we entered was: "Shut the fuck up!." It was Bed-Sty and tough.

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