Hey all---my new post is up:  You can read it here: Republican Atheists  I really look forward to a good discussion on this post.  Republican Atheists confound me, and I truly want to learn more about some of their views.



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Comment by Reason Being on September 28, 2012 at 9:24am

Thanks for commenting James.  I agree, I know many atheists who are conservative.  I struggle with atheists who embrace the current GOP, with its ties to the Christian Right.  That is where I get a bit hung up. 

Comment by James Yount on September 23, 2012 at 2:05pm

It's not hard to see how atheists could be conservative on some issues.  There are a lot of libertarian atheists that just think government spending is out of control.  I see a lot of atheists that are at least fiscally conservative, if not socially. On some other issues, say national defense, look into Christopher Hitchens' views into the middle east wars under Bush. 

On some other issues, I can't find a logical reason to be conservative.  Gay marriage, for instance, can't be argued against outside of religion or bigotry.  I've heard the argument that once the government recognizes homosexual relationships and marriages as equal, then it will affect other laws and programs such as sex education in schools.  The fear is that teachers will be exposing your impressionable kids to alternative sex.  Additionally, a lot of them believe that sexuality forms in the early life of a child and can be affected by experiences.  This is all, of course, a slippery slope fallacy and it's bigoted to believe that it would be harmful or wrong for your child to become homosexual in the first place. 

Another hot button issue is abortion.  One side is trying to protect female reproductive rights while the other side is trying to protect what they view as innocent life.  Rape and incest account for a pretty small percentage of the abortions performed every year in the US.  That means that a large number of abortions are the result of irresponsibility.  But how can one determine which is which?  Inquisitions?  And should we legislate morality?  I can understand both sides because I have one foot in each camp.

All of that being said, Republicans tend to cater to the religious and alienate atheists.  I guess everyone has to decide which political issues that we find most important and vote accordingly.  I would hope that we could put ourselves into eachother's shoes long enough to stop bickering so much and get somethings done.  After all we're all Americans and I'd much rather spend the day with a fundamentalist Christian than a Sharia Muslim.  



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